The life of Harley

An Advertisement from My Mistress

I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to, but there is a good reason. I am semi retired and had a lot of time on my hands. I always thought that there must be a real way to make money from home online and I was determined to find it. For one reason, […]

Watch Out for Those Buttons on Car Doors

It’s always exciting to take a ride to town. You never know what there will be to bark at along the way.  Cows, horses, other dogs, people on bicycles,  etc., and with the window rolled part way down so I can get my head out, it makes it all the more fun and exciting. Besides, […]

I’m a Loud Mouth Shnook!!

My mistress is always calling me a “Loud Mouth Shnook”. I guess because I am always talking (Barking) to the neighbors or anyone passing by my yard. I wag my tail and talk (bark) to them, but they just keep walking on by without a word. Some people just aren’t that friendly I guess. When I […]

Never Get so Excited that You Pee on the Couch

I have become quite accomplished at doing several tricks. I must confess that my main motivation is because it involves getting dog cookies when I do a good job. I also like seeing my mistress happy with me when I do what she tells me to do. The other day my mistress was running me […]

Bombs Bursting in Air: A Dog’s Eye View

My first experience with fireworks was not a pleasant one. I really don’t know much about the 4th of July (That’s more in my mistresses department), but from what I see, it’s not a dog’s favorite holliday. As I was looking out the front door towards evening I started hearing pops and bangs all over […]

Dunking for Dog Food

I have a habit of using my nose (because it’s pretty long) to push around the dog food in my dish before I eat it. You never know what delicious morsel (or something not so delicious) might be at the bottom of the dish. It’s always best to check out any food before you eat […]

It’s Squirrel Season

It’s getting to be warm weather around here so I have been spending a lot more time outside. The other day while I was taking a nap under the lilac bush I heard an unfamiliar sound. My mistress feeds the bird that come to our back yard so I’m thinking, at first, that it must […]