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Should We Take The Bible Literally?

There is a lot of controversy on this subject. Some people say the Bible is full of allegory and cannot be taken literally, or it’s just a book of poetry, or there are too many interpretations and it’s up to the reader to decide what it means and if it’s true, or it’s been copied […]

Truth of the Bible Code

After reading the article from Joe Cruz on These Christian Times website, it reminded me about the Bible Code. I hadn’t thought about it in quite awhile. I was pretty excited about it when it first came out, but then it seemed like it became a sort of fortune telling tool about almost any frivolous […]

With Ebola Spreading, it Makes You Wonder, What Ever Happen to a Real Quarantine?

In years past when a disease that was contagious started rearing it’s ugly head people were quarantined to protect the community from catching it. A quarantine sign would be put on their door so everyone would know there was sickness there. No one was allowed in or out. Even back in Biblical days when someone […]

Ebola Continues to Spread. Confirmed Now in Spain

There are arguments back and forth about weather Ebola will continue to spread around the world and how bad the spread will be. My personal opinion is that if we continue to bring infected people here to the US and don’t restrict totally the influx of people from infected areas Ebola will continue to spread […]

The Franklin Coverup and Bohemian Grove: Why it’s Still Important

You have heard the saying “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.  As I learn more about some of the old politicians (some still in office) of this country I can’t think of a better group of people to apply this saying to. As the fall mid term elections grow closer and the presidential elections a couple of […]

Our Private Lives Aren’t Private Anymore: Your TV is Watching You

Some of you out there may remember the old days of the “Party Line” for your telephone. Sometimes there were 3 or 4 households on the same phone line. Each would have a different ring so you would know if the call was for you. Sometimes you would want to make a call and there would […]

What if?

Things to ponder….  What if the Hokey Pokey is really what its all about?   That would change everything!