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Do You Just Want to Manage Your Illness or Possibly Cure It?

Many of us have had loved ones and friends who have died from cancer or other chronic illnesses. Many of us also are getting into our, what is called “Golden Years” and are more concerned about our health in general. Most of us don’t have a lot of Gold stored up to take care of ourselves in […]

MMR Vaccine Insert Warns About Pancreatitis & Diabetes

We hear a lot of talk about the connection between the MMR vaccine and Autism, but until recently I haven’t heard about the connection of the MMR vaccine and Pancreatitis and type 1 Diabetes, which has increased a lot in our children over the past decades. We are being told that it has been scientifically […]

The Government and Vaccines

Are we being deliberately dumbed down by the governments support of and requirement for having our children vaccinated? Why are we being required to have our population injected with MSG, Formaldehyde, Mercury, and Aluminum? Are the “powers that be” trying to keep us all in line and indirectly control the population?   Vaccinations are not just for […]

It’s Flu Season Again, But Think Twice Before You Get Vaccinated

I recently read an article posted on about a new way they are going to make flu vaccines.  As if the old ways weren’t bad enough already. Now they are going to use human cancer tumors to incubate their flu vaccines. Here is an exerpt from that article: “Unbelievably, the method of producing vaccines […]

United Nations, WHO and UNICEF all Engaged in Vaccination Genocide

As if the people of Africa aren’t already suffering enough with the on going spread of Ebola, now there is another deliberate attach against the people of Kenya. Women in particular. All under the disguise of protecting them from Tetanus. We already know we can’t trust what the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United […]

Ebola Coming in to the US Through Southern Border. Is It Airborne?

The government (Obama) keeps changing it’s story on how Ebola is spread. First it was only through direct contact with body fluids from an infected person, then it changed to anyone within three feet of an infected person could be in danger of contracting the disease, but yet they keep saying that it isn’t airborne. In […]

With Ebola Spreading, it Makes You Wonder, What Ever Happen to a Real Quarantine?

In years past when a disease that was contagious started rearing it’s ugly head people were quarantined to protect the community from catching it. A quarantine sign would be put on their door so everyone would know there was sickness there. No one was allowed in or out. Even back in Biblical days when someone […]