Someone placed a post about CHRISTmas and the true meaning of it. This was our conversation: We were discussing the facts about CHRISTmas and the meaning behind it. They were right it was originally a pagan celebration, however it was adopted by the Catholic Church. This was my response. Skeeter says: Even though JESUS was not born on […]

Limited Goverment

Hi there, Skeeter here; Well I was listening to my owners talk the other day and man what a concept for our government. I may be a dog, but this is my home too. After all I was born and raised here. Anyway I think that congress should be limited to a 4 year term […]

Health Care

Sorry about not posting anything, however I am on the road a lot and only home on some weekends. But I have the time right now just before I have to go out the door again. Anyway I don’t get it, if the Obama Care thing is so good why is congress, Mr. Obama, Senators […]

A new dog in town

My owner brought a new dog. He’s a stupid looking mutt and his ears make him look physically challenged. Well right away I had to put him in line and boy did that work. He may be bigger than me, but don’t fool with this Chihuahua. I got down right evil on his ass!! Now […]