Great New Product!


In an effort to make sure I have enough supplies in a SHTF situation I’ve stocked up on plenty of these!


5 comments on “Great New Product!

  1. Is this a joke? What is dehydrated water? A can of air? If it isn’t a joke then by all means explain it to me, lol.

    • That is hilarious but I bet someone will buy it!

    • The real issue here is prepping for a SHTF scenario. This product helps with 2 situations. 1. You can’t go without air for more than 3 minutes. And you also need wathe.

      So having a can of air is good. And, if you simply add H20 to the can you have fully constituted water. For a product, it doesn’t get better than this!

      Serial Killer the cat, keeping it on the lighter side.

      Stay alert. Stay Prepared!

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