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Supreme Court Gives New Meaning to Black Friday

Last Friday was a black day for this country. A corrupt supreme court forced a corrupt practice on the whole country. Gay marriage is now imposed upon the whole USA no matter what the States  or the people want. Let alone what the Bible says is right and wrong. We have to believe and stand on everything the Bible says or just throw the whole thing out. I must stand and believe everything it says.

You might rationalize that God is love (which He is) and so He loves homosexuals to (which He does) so they should have to right to marry like anyone else, right? God does love them. He loves everyone. That is why He had to send Jesus to die for all of man kind, because we are all sinful and cannot redeem ourselves, but we still have to choose to accept His sacrifice. Just like the woman caught in adultery. He didn’t say she could go on in her sin and everything would be alright. He said go and sin no more which calls for repentance. So, if we truly love homosexuals we must tell them the truth in love. That God loves them, but not their sin or any other sin.

You might rationalize and say that God says not to judge, and he does. He has the final right of judgement for sin, but we are called to be fruit inspectors and the world is full of some pretty rotten fruit. Not just homosexuality, but the killing of our unborn children and so many other dark sins that are considered right and just now. It show how far we as a country and people have fallen away from the real truth.

We each have to answer for ourselves before God and we must expect the consequences as well for what we do. God says we reap what we sow. That goes for our nation as well.


Black Friday used to mean the big shopping day after Thanksgiving. Now it stand for the black cloud that the supreme court has cast over our country.

Your friend, Harley                                 telling it how I see it



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