Ben Carson, A Man Who Really Understands How The Government is Supposed to Work.

So many of us are fed up with government and the career politicians of both parties. With the way things are going some of us are wondering if there will even be an election in 2016. Listen to Dr. Ben Carson’s opinion on that:

It is not Dr. Carson’s dream to become a politician or President. Maybe that makes him the best candidate for the job. If he or someone like him does become president, maybe there is still hope for this country. I see no hope if someone like Jeb Bush or any other NWO candidate wins the White House in 2016.

A quick glimpse of what a President Carson would do first:

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch the first Ben Carson for President ad:

In my opinion, this country of ours is on the brink of destruction. Our debt is drowning us, but yet you can get a subsidy from a broke government if you sign up for Obama Care. That makes no sense to me. Something has to be done soon before it’s too late, if it isn’t already. Even if Dr. Carson or someone like him were to win the White House they would be thrown into a pit of Viper made up of career politicians who are fighting to give the country we love over to the New World Order bit by bit, but we may still have a chance if a God Fearing, Constitution Loving man is elected President.

Your friend, Harley                           still hoping


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I am semi retired and had lots of free time on my hands. I still work part time as a bookkeeper at the little hardware store in our small town but I still had free time to fill so I became a blogger here at The Harley Factor. I also am a compulsive beader so I started a beading blog to show off my bead work call Compulsive Beading. As I have gotten older and mostly wiser I have become very opinionated on a lot of subjects and will share them with you from time to time when I can't keep my mouth shut. Kathy Sinclair

10 comments on “Ben Carson, A Man Who Really Understands How The Government is Supposed to Work.

  1. […] Ben Carson, A Man Who Really Understands How The Government is Supposed to Work.. […]

  2. Dr, Carson is an excellent man, however, he is best suited as Surgeon General, not POTUS. He has wavered on gun laws. You cannot waiver on our 2nd Amendment Rights. He is an honorable, upstanding, very accomplished man, well respected by all that know him, but that is now what qualified one to be POTUS, unfortunately. I know we are desperate to find someone that we can believe in to run in 2016. Unfortunately, I have yet to hear of one so far. 😦

    I am suggesting all people to consider a third party option. The Constitution Party

    They are Bible believing and Founding Father papers believing only. They may not have the money that the big 2 parties have, but as people become aware that our current government is corrupt from the bottom up, they will look for this third option and be happy that it has been there all along! I encourage you to at least check them out!

    • I have checked out the Constitution party. In fact in the 2008 elections that’s who I voted for in any office that there was a candidate. Their platform is right on the mark as far as I can see. Unfortunatley, I don’t think they are going to become prominate enough to attract enough voters before the next election to make a differance.
      I guess I missed Dr. Carson’s waivering on gun laws. I’ll have to look into that, but just because he is a doctor doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be a good President. In fact, it may give him a focused advantage, but I don’t think he will get elected either just because of his integrety and honesty. He doesn’t fit the Capital Hill mold.

      • This is the problem. People continue to maintain the same old, same old, and wish there were another option. The definition of stupid is doing the same thing and expecting different results. We, the People, have been stupid long enough! We have continued to support the so-called Conservatives and elected them to find them become part of the political machine. We become disenfranchised, disenchanted, discouraged, dejected, and yet, we continue one to elect another, and another, and another, all to do the same thing. And we opine about how we wish there was a third party that stood for what we believed in.

        There is one. If people would simply support that party, perhaps they would be able to have a contender in 2016. But if we simply say, well, I like what they say, what they stand for, but I don’t think they can stand up against the GOP or the Dems then you’re right, they won’t. This is why Rand Paul is a GOP instead of the Libertarian that he is. Because running as a Libertarian wouldn’t get him elected, so he’s a RINO, like many. We do not have representation in Washington. Once they enter the halls, and they are sworn in, they are made to comply, those juniors… or pay penalties for such. This is NOT the government that our Forefathers gave to us. They gave us a Republic, that turned to a Democracy, and now is a Socialist, about to be Sharia Law. And all those that Represent We, the Peopple, do NOTHING to represent We, the People.

        The man that currently OCCUPIES the Oval Office (yes, I do mean Occupies, as he has accused the U.S. of occupying Iraq and Afghanistan) is part of the Muslim Brotherhood and he will usher in ISIS. He only speaks out against ISIL. Listen carefully to HIS words, not the medias’ words after he speaks. He came to the microphone and told the U.S. that he has no plan to go against ISIS. If you think he was speaking to the American public, then you are just as deceived as the rest of them. NO POTUS would announce to the world that he has no plan against such a horrific terrorist group!

        Then a while later, he comes back to his podium, and states his plan against ISIL. He said to make no mistake ISIL is not ISLAMIC. He has a 40 country coalition to go against ISIL.
        In fact, he had a 0 country coalition. Sec. of State John Kerry said there were 11 countries, when if fact, there were none.

        My point is, POTUS differentiates between ISIS and ISIL. He is part of ISIS being that he is part of the Muslim Brotherhood which is in control of all the jihadist groups.

        POTUS has sent OUR TAY-PAYER DEBT MONEY to fund Hamas, not Israel, our only ally in the Middle East. Hamas is a terrorist organization,
        He went to Egypt to reconfirm his allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood. Then sent Sec. of State John Kerry to deliver money to Egypt.

        We have lost the country that our Forefathers bled and died to give us. POTUS has spent the past 6 years destroying the image of the U.S. in the eyes of the world. He had declared that the U.S. in not a Christian Nation. He has struck our Nation’s military. He had released the worst of the Taliban leaders that our soldiers’ risked their lived, some giving the ultimate sacrifice for, to capture, and then they spent their time in Gitmo as if living like kings. No military tribunal as prescribed should have taken place. He released 5 of the WORST of the Taliban leaders for 1 deserter who left his platoon in search for the Taliban, giving them the coordinates to where his platoon was. His platoon lost 6 men while searching for him. The remaining people of his platoon have come forward to tell the truth about his person, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. He receives $300,000 in tax-free back pay BEFORE the investigation is completed regarding his desertion. He will not recognize his title as Sgt. and he will not have anything to do with his parents.

        So, we have to choose. Keep doing what we have been doing, expecting different results. Which is what most will do, because its the path of least resistance.

        Or, stop it, vote for anyone other than the GOP or the Dem option. If I have to write someone in, I will.

        In truth, our vote matters not anyway. The jig us up. Each person is hand selected… particularly this POTUS. I remember as he was first elected as a Junior U.S. Senator, the news anchor said, “You are looking at your next President of the United States of America!” I though that was a strange statement for her to make. But the fix was in already. He is not qualified, he is not legal to be, it has been conspired to “hide” all of his untruths. But the truth will find him out and has already, if people will only open their eyes and see it.

        Dr. Carson is a very smart man. However, Lt. Col. Alan West is much more qualified to be Commander-in-Chief and POTUS than Dr. Carson. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Carson and I believe he would make an excellent Surgeon General as that is where his skills and knowledge can be best used for all.

  3. I’ve been saying all along that Obama is a dictator & there possibly won’t be a 2016 election. Also he fits the prophecies of Ezekiel 29:3, a Pharaoah who “speaks like a dragon” as in Revelation 13:11 and rules over the USA, as a type of “Sodom and Egypt” in Revelation 11:8.

  4. I’ve been saying all along that Obama is a dictator & there possibly won’t be a 2016 election. Also he fits the prophecies of Ezekiel 29:3, a Pharaoah who “speaks like a dragon” as in Revelation 13:11 and rules over the USA, as a type of “Sodom and Egypt” in Revelation 11:8.

    The 2 witnesses that come to life (vs.3-12) are the Old Testament & New Testament that “are made flesh, and dwelt amongst us” as did Jesus (John 1:14) – in that the 144,000 are made up of these two major parts of the Bible (The Jews/Adam Nation of the O.T. & Woman Church/Christians of the N.T.) who have stood next to Jesus as the two olive trees & two candlesticks in the Temple of God (Zechariah 4).

    These two groups must join together as one flesh, as did Adam & Eve, and as the Bible of O.T. & N.T. to become finally the Virgin Bride of Revelation 12, fully clothed with the righteous garments of the Holy Spirit to join in the heavenly wedding celebrations

  5. He is an exceptional man. I haven’t seen the movie yet but I plan to.

  6. I’ve been following Dr. Carson since BEFORE he wrote his first book “Gifted Hands” (Cuba Gooding played him in the movie titled by same name). He has an amazing story of growing up in ghetto with no father, a mother who worked 3 jobs & occasionally had to be institutionalized. He was deemed too mentally deficient to ever finish school & he nearly killed a boy. Read the story or watch the movie – I promise, you won’t be sorry you did.

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