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Dive 281: Death of a Precious Friend

Pink Tank Scuba

Dear Critters,

Last weekend, my best buddy LP caught this extraordinary footage of the resident draughtboard (aka swell) shark of Flinders Pier, playing with a bottle and hunting for fish:

Nothing like the Spielberg-inspired shark of public misconception, we first encountered this sweet, timid creature a few months ago, a true and precious rarity under Melbourne’s piers. I was thrilled to take this humble footage during our first meeting:

Locating its position has become a genuine highlight of our dives at Flinders Pier. LP had one particularly close and special encounter a couple of weeks ago when the shark gently brushed its nose against his camera:

As is our ritual each Sunday, LP and I make our Critter Wishes as we drive to whichever pier we have elected to dive. Recently, we have chosen to have most of our underwater adventures at Flinders, in the hope of spending more magical…

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