Watch Out for Those Buttons on Car Doors

It’s always exciting to take a ride to town. You never know what there will be to bark at along the way.  Cows, horses, other dogs, people on bicycles,  etc., and with the window rolled part way down so I can get my head out, it makes it all the more fun and exciting. Besides, the wind blowing through your hair is a feeling like no other. It was good to be alive.

This particular day there were more things to bark at than usual and I was really excited about that. I was jumping around by the window when something unexpected happened. The window rolled down and then the window rolled up. The bad thing about that was my head was still out side of the window. Next thing I knew it had rolled up squashing my neck. Talk about a feeling of panic!

This is what I normally look like.

Ebay beads and slippers 044

This is what I felt like with my head stuck in the window

crazy dog

Thankfully my mistress, (although she was laughing like crazy), saw my predicament and rolled the window back down. Who knew there were buttons on the door that worked the windows, so be careful jumping around by them. I decided to stay in the back seat away from the buttons for the rest of the trip.

Your friend, Harley                                 with a few words of wisdom on door buttons.




About Kathy

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3 comments on “Watch Out for Those Buttons on Car Doors

  1. ROFLOL Oh poor Harley! Thankfully your mistress was there to save the day as you are an absolutely handsome Collie and we could have it no other way! I hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip away from the buttons! Sage wisdom, Harley, sage wisdom!

    • Glad to see you again and sorry to hear you were in the hospital. Hope you are doing well again now. I’ll email you in a day or two and we can catch up. God bless

      • I look forward to it! I’m trying to get through the 5000+ emails but yours will be at the bottom so I would get it right away! I look forward to “chatting” with you!

        God bless,
        Rhonda aka nanarhonda
        Founder ~ LIKE PRECIOUS FAITH Ministries

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