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Oct 15, 2014 Protocol for the use of Hydrogen Peroxide h2o2 for the treatment of Ebola virus

Hydrogen Peroxide is better than a wonder drug and much cheaper too.

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The news today has a second nurse in Texas with the Ebola virus, and from the amount of people that came in contact with Duncan the first Ebola death in the USA there may be other cases lurking in the shadows yet uncovered.

The treatment that is presented in this article is suggested to be implemented along with any other treatment that modern medicine can believe to work and not to exclude these treatments.

But if other treatments are not available it may prolong live in an infected person long enough to let the immune system work in killing the virus.

God is the real healer here when He gave us such an efficient defense as our immune system, but this virus seems to act so fast and lethally that we do not have time for the body to defend itself.

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One comment on “Oct 15, 2014 Protocol for the use of Hydrogen Peroxide h2o2 for the treatment of Ebola virus

  1. God is really the Healer and peroxide is an awesome product to have. It is now being put into so many products now like its a something brand new! LOL

    I’ve missed you! I have been gone, in the hospital, then in the nursing home for rehab (ha ha) and now I’m home trying to catch up on my 5000+ emails.

    One good thing is that I finally got my ministry website back up and running. Of course it needs work. I posted the articles that had been on it before, written my daughter, and then I took some of my own articles from my other blog and posted them as well! I would love for you to visit when you get a chance! Let me know that you did, if you get to! It is likepreciousfaith.info and all denominations are welcome! And if you have an article stirring in your soul, I would be honored to post it! Of course, you would get credit! Just putting that out there for you!

    God bless you,
    Rhonda aka nanarhonda
    Founder ~ LIKE PRECIOUS FAITH Ministries

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