Brother Rachid: A Message To President Obama From A Former Muslim

I think Obama already know all of this and it is his objective to not hinder the spread of Islam any more than he has to in order to keep his cover.


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I am semi retired and had lots of free time on my hands. I still work part time as a bookkeeper at the little hardware store in our small town but I still had free time to fill so I became a blogger here at The Harley Factor. I also am a compulsive beader so I started a beading blog to show off my bead work call Compulsive Beading. As I have gotten older and mostly wiser I have become very opinionated on a lot of subjects and will share them with you from time to time when I can't keep my mouth shut. Kathy Sinclair

6 comments on “Brother Rachid: A Message To President Obama From A Former Muslim

  1. We must remember that Obama went to Muslim schools in Indonesia as a child. He identifies with his ghost of a father of whom he is actually named after and is Jr. who was a Muslim and Obama is himself a Muslim. Oh, he plays the act of Christian but do you see any Christianity in him or his actions? He looked right into the camera and told the Nation he had no plan regarding ISIS. Do you really believe he was talking to us? ISIS knows our Southern border is wide open. Obama was talking to them when he said that. This is why he waffles every time he speaks about ISIS. He has no plan to do anything about them because he is one of them. He is part of the Muslim Brotherhood and he aligned this country with them and all the Obamabots clapped their hands like this was a wonderful thing. The news media briefly covered it and then went on to other things. I saw it and it resonated in me; still does. Don’t be surprised when tanks come across the Southern border… who or what will stop them? He has purposely removed all the top leaders of our Nation’s military, including those who are in combat in Afghanistan by sending them pink slips! Never in my life have I ever heard of any military personnel receiving a pink slip! ISiS is already here. Homegrown terrorists and Arab terrorists that have come in with the illegal immigrants as well as the ones that just walk across. I have a video on my site where they pretend to be a member of ISIS and have a fake head and a flag and walk across from Mexico to the US unimpeded. Scary, isn’t it? This is why our framer put the 2nd Amendment in there. For us to be able to protect ourselves, even from our own government if necessary. We will need to protect ourselves from ISIS but what Obama will do is delate a Martial Law and he will maintain the position beyond his 8 years. Timing is everything. He goal was to destroy America and he has nearly succeeded. Let’s just see… I pray I’m wrong. Lord let me be wrong!

    • Yes, you are right. Obama is trying to destroy our country and so far he is doing a bang up job. I hate to see what the next couple of years bring to this country.

      • Yes he has, and to be quite honest, I’m afraid for my grandchildren and what will they have for a country?

      • I’m afraid for my grandchildren too. If the Lord doesn’t come back, they will have a very hard time of it and not even realize the freedoms they lost because of Obama and others.

      • Well, I know that my daughter has taught them about World history and is now teaching them about American history. She started from the beginning so they would understand and then appreciate what America is all about. I admire her for that as I don’t even know that. I’ve often said I wish I was one of her students! Her children will know what is being lost as they will have been taught. Unfortunately, those in public schools won’t as the curriculums have only begun at the 1900’s so that leaves out all of our Founding Fathers and the Constitution, et al. This Common Core is destructive and is going to do even more damage as parents won’t even be able to make sense of it to help their children with their homework. That’s their goal. To prove that parents aren’t ‘qualified’ to parent their children. Unfortunately, parents have unwittingly given over too many rights already. Schools feed their children breakfast, lunch, after school programs, and then the parents pick them up. So the schools have had them and the responsibility of them for the bulk of the day, the parents get them to feed them something quick so they can get their homework done and off to bed. How much time does the parent actually get to spend with their own child then? Like I said, it was unwittingly, at first, but it will become more obvious soon enough. The parents don’t have time to know what they are even teaching their children! Parents are too busy working, building their careers or trying to make ends meet. They are being ‘socialized’ and not in the way that was originally intended. They are being indoctrinated even in elementary schools. And to be tolerant of others. Now enter the Muslim culture and that they aren’t bad. Sure. Some aren’t. But the radical ones are and they are coming! God help us all, give us strength, and strengthen our faith so we can rise up in Jesus’ Name and fight the good fight, in Jesus’ Name, Amen!

      • You are so right about this common core thing. They did an example of the math yesterday on Fox. It was rediculous. How can anyone make sense of it? I’m with the evangelist Anita Fuentes. Home schooling is the answer. I wish more parents could and would do that. If you have never listened to Anita, you should. I have put her videos on a few of my posts.

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