Obama’s DOJ Sues Minnesota City for Rejecting Islamic Center

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28 Aug 2014

fed sues

Feds Sue St. Anthony Over Rejection Of Islamic CenterFeds Sue St. Anthony Over Rejection Of Islamic Center. The Department of Justice has announced that it is suing the small town of St. Anthony, Minnesota, after a two-year investigation into the town’s denial of a permit to create an Islamic cultural center.

The DOJ claims that the north Minneapolis town broke a federal law when it rejected the center in 2012.

“An injustice has been done,” U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger said on August 27. “I will not stand by while any religious group is subject to unconstitutional treatment that violates federal civil rights laws.”feds

Obama-muslim-2-610x400The DOJ claims that the city violated the law when it refused the Abu Huraira Islamic Center the right to create an Islamic cultural center in the basement of the St. Anthony Business Center.The DOJ cites a violation of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized…

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2 comments on “Obama’s DOJ Sues Minnesota City for Rejecting Islamic Center

  1. This is just the beginning… this will be happening all over the place eventually. They are going to be taking over this country under the current Administration. We shouldn’t really be that surprised unless we didn’t believe the people that have been telling us the signs all along. Kind of like how the Pharisees were looking at their Savior and didn’t even recognize Him. They refused to believe that He would come like He did. The same kind of thing is happening around us with the Muslims taking more and more influence. (Note the word taking… not being given.) The question is, what, if anything, can we DO about it except get out and vote in the upcoming elections and hopefully we can take the Senate and remove Harry Reid from “power” and then finally something can get done or at least presented to the Senate floor. The still won’t prevent POTUS from using his “pen and phone” but it also shouldn’t prevent We, the People from using OUR pens and phones either!

    • No, we shouldn’t be surprised at all. I’m with you in hoping Republicans take over the Senate and we can get rid of Harry Reid and Nancy Palosi as well. I just hope we get some Real Constitutional Republicans in there this time, not just more of the old guard.

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