Autism and Vaccines: Actor Rob Schneider has obtained copies of CDC cover-up documents; urges California to investigate scientific fraud

I am glad to see more news coming out about the CDC coverup of the link between the MMR vaccine and Autism. Just one more government coverup coming to light. Anyone connected with this should be help criminally responsible.


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I am semi retired and had lots of free time on my hands. I still work part time as a bookkeeper at the little hardware store in our small town but I still had free time to fill so I became a blogger here at The Harley Factor. I also am a compulsive beader so I started a beading blog to show off my bead work call Compulsive Beading. As I have gotten older and mostly wiser I have become very opinionated on a lot of subjects and will share them with you from time to time when I can't keep my mouth shut. Kathy Sinclair

6 comments on “Autism and Vaccines: Actor Rob Schneider has obtained copies of CDC cover-up documents; urges California to investigate scientific fraud

  1. They have always had a fund for children that were injured by vaccines by parents had to sign a clause that they could not speak about it or they would forfeit the funds. That right there speaks for itself. Its been in place for at least 30 years as I learned about it when my children were young. I was foolish and had mine immunized. My son & his wife have their 2 immunized, my daughter and her husband do not immunize their 7 children.

    I had to have titers drawn in order to go into the CNA program for the 2 weeks working with the elderly. My titers came back that my mumps wasn’t high enough. Just having titers said that I had been immunized, but I also HAD the mumps on one side as a teenager! I was livid. So I got the booster.

    Then, when I was going through the process of being hired at my last and final job, my MMR titers came back that my measles titer wasn’t high enough and I had to go through the series of 3 immunizations. Mind you, if I refused, I didn’t get the job. I was less than happy. For all I know, this has contributed to my current problems now!

    So when they tell you that you get these now and you won’t ever need to get them again, is a lie. Also, be warned, if they tell you they are giving you a tetanus shot for an injury, ask them if it is just tetanus or if it includes pertussis. Some of the RN’s aren’t informing the patients that they are giving them both and that is NOT patient information prior to giving the injection! Just FYI… I saw this done repeatedly in 2 ER’s.

    I hope that Rob Scnieder can get CA to listen to him but I doubt it. He will have to make Nation News out of it. That’s when he will get attention!

    • My gosh Rhonda, I didn’t know they did that as far as the boosters in order to get a job. They basically hold a financial gun to your head to get the shot or no job. That is just not right! I had heard about the financial aid with the gag order before. Yes, that does tell you something. They know it’s harmful!
      I have never had a tetanus booster. When I was a kid I stepped on an old rusty nail at my Gran’s house. She put a penny and a piece of bacon on the hole and bandaged it up. She said if the penny turned green over night all the poison was pulled out. Sure enough, it did and I never had any problem with it. That has been my cure for puncture wounds sense then. It always worked on my kids. So when ever I get asked about a tetanus booster I tell them No thanks, I have some bacon and a penny at home. I get weird looks, but they don’t argue with me about it.

      • I failed to mention that I was going to be working in a hospital. I refused the flu shot every year, however, most hospital are now not letting their employees opt out anymore, they either get the flu shot or get fired! This is because you can go online and check out the hospitals now and see how compliant each hospital is so that the employees can’t give a patient the flu! As for tetanus, the idea that it has to be something rusty is an old wives tale… anything that cuts open the skin can carry bacteria that can cause tetanus. My grandfather suffered from it and got lock jaw. He had been shot with buck shot by his friend by accident inside a car my grandfather was driving. None of the buckshot what rusty. But the doctors couldn’t remove them all. Many years later, he lost that leg to diabetes.

        The bacon and penny thing may have worked back then because pennies were made of copper. Our pennies today are not. Our nickels, dimes, quarters, aren’t made like they used to be. The government doesn’t use the silver in them that they used to. Its a shame. Things are just not the same anymore.

        So you can refuse the tetanus booster, anytime. Just know to watch for any signs of infection! Fresh garlic is a fantastic antibiotic if you make a poultice of it and put it on the wound. Only fresh garlic works and you have to peel it and then take the flat side of your knife and hit it, that releases the alicin which is the antibiotic and it is short lived so used a couple of cloves, but them in a bandage and wrap the garlic up tight and then place it on the area and secure it there. Continue to watch for signs of infection. Doctors in WWI used garlic for wounds!

        Sorry, Harley, that I forgot to mention that I was going to work in a hospital. The first hospital I worked for just did the standard TB test, which this hospital did as well. They were much more thorough than the first one. I really didn’t want the 3 MMR’s but I wanted the job so I gave in. I loved that job and I miss it terribly!

      • It’s terrible that they force you to do things against your will to either get or keep a job. My husband works for the VA and every year they have a big push for the flu shots. He won’t get one. Everybody else he works with usually does and they all get the flu, but he doesn’t. Shows you how well they work besides all the bad side effects.
        Colloidal silver is another wonderful anti biotic, anti fungal, or anti viral. I keep that around all the time. I also drink about 10 to 12 drops of hydrogen peroxide in water everyday too. I haven’t been sick in several years. Not even a cold.

      • You are already well informed on home remedies! I needn’t offer you anything as you probably know it already and know more about it than I do! LOL My daughter is very knowledgeable about home remedies as she keeps her 7 children out of the doctor’s office. He says, when she has to bring in a new baby for the baby visits, whatever you are doing, keep doing it! I never see your kids in here sick! He also is the eldest of 10 children so he understands though his dad was a dentist and several siblings have gone into some form of traditional medicine. But she was beaming because he said that to her! And she should be. Her older kids can swallow a clove of garlic in honey for sinus infections, etc. She makes up a concoction called GOOT for the younger ones when they are sick and she puts it on their feet and puts socks on them, rubs it on their chest and back. It contains coconut oil and garlic but I always forget the whole recipe, but it works! I didn’t know about the hydrogen peroxide in water… what does that do? I’m so sick, Harley, I am on 35 medications a day. Only 3 are prescribed OTC items, cranberry, Vitamin C, and Mucinex DM for my COPD. I love vinegar and have made what is called Good Girl Moon Shine and is made in a 2 quart jar ,fresh grated ginger, filled with iced cubes, fill with water, then splash with Bragg’s Vinegar (as much to taste). You need to stir frequently as the ginger tends to sink to the bottom of the jar. This is supposed to last all day. It doesn’t last me all day! LOL There is a book called Trim Healthy Mama that two sisters have written and have a group on FB where that recipe and others are for really good drinks. One with Oolong Tea, almond milk, etc. It was yummy! But healthy!

        I totally believe what you’ve said about your husband. I have seen so many people end up sick after getting the flu shot and those that didn’t get it were healthy. They say that you can’t get sick from the injection as it is a dead virus they are giving you. Then what good is it? The nasal one is live and that can spread if the one who gets it sneezes. The injection, since its dead, how will your body “fight” against it if its already dead? Either they are lying to us about what they are giving us or they are lying about the whole process. In either case, I always say no thanks even though I’m supposed to get that and the pneumonia shot due to my COPD. Ha! I’d rather just deal with the COPD, thanks!

        So, do tell, Bev, about the peroxide in the water for me!!! Thank you!!!

      • Rhonda, here is an article about hydrogen peroxide. It’s long but worth the read. http://educate-yourself.org/cancer/benefitsofhydrogenperozide17jul03.shtml I knew a lady years ago who used this protocol and cured her cancer after being told there was no hope for her. It’s not just for cancer but health in general. It works for me. I’m in a hurry this morning but I will tell you more later in an email. Watch the youtube video too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EegW2d3RLM

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