Poll: Hispanics, Blacks Call for Tighter Borders, Access to Illegals’ Jobs | CNS News

This shows you that you should be getting your news from an honest source.

Poll: Hispanics, Blacks Call for Tighter Borders, Access to Illegals’ Jobs | CNS News.


9 comments on “Poll: Hispanics, Blacks Call for Tighter Borders, Access to Illegals’ Jobs | CNS News

  1. I agree with Limbaugh — we don’t have any or much “news” any longer, just propaganda from agenda driven radical Democrats. It takes work to get new, much less facts. Sadly way too many go to the Comedy Channel for both….

    • Our Nation is being given over to the left by the low information voters. The low information voters are educated by the main stream media who are being run by the left… and shows like TMZ, and the foul mouth wives of some eastern shore reality tv show.

      • Excellent point, Serial Killer, the cat! The first time POTUS ran for office, Dems went to the homeless shelters and offered to buy them a pack of cigarettes if they voted for the person they told them to. Then they slashed the tires of known Republican voters so they couldn’t get to the polls to vote after work. So they got busted, but it was after the fact. The votes didn’t get retracted, the Republicans didn’t get to vote. The workers got their hands slapped and got sent on their way. Republicans get accused of voter fraud but there is never any proof of it but there is ample proof of it on the Democrats side. Why? If they had the confidence in their candidate and the process, then let it work. That’s how the Republicans, TEA Party, whomever, behaves… they let the system work. We all know that the popular vote doesn’t put the president in the office anyway. Its the electoral college. So why cheat?

      • Some of these reality show are just disgusting. I think you’re right that the uneducated voters probably watch that kind of thing. I would almost be in favor of a test to be able to vote. I said ALMOST. If you don’t know who the vise president is you probably don’t know what you’re voting about. The only reality show I ever watch is Duck Dynasty sometimes. No cussing there and they pray in Jesus name.

    • You are so right. Most news is really commentary whether its in the newspaper or on TV. I watch Fox News because there are several different perspectives. Some shows I just go to my DVR and watch something I taped. I used to have respect for Bill O’Reilly but not so much any more. I love the Five and Out Numbered and Hannity. I was kind of into the Kelly Files but I got sick of the repeats of the Bill Ayers while she was on vacation. I would think that Fox would have someone else in there for her but I was sick of them airing Bill Ayers (which is really giving him much more attention than he deserves) so it depends. I watch but if it gets too much then I go back to my computer! (I have over 700 emails so I should be getting to those!_

      At any rate, you are so right with the propaganda and it started back when JFK was killed, I believed. When Eisenhower took office, the first thing he did was seal all records until the third generation has passed away. He did many things that have caused the modern day problems we have today. Just my opinion. JFK died the year before I was born, but that is just my opinion.

      Perhaps we should go to the comedy channel for our local news! LOL It might be more accurate than some of the other channels out there…not to say that Fox News is perfect but it is better than the others.

      Thanks for your contribution, RightyPuditry! Harley is one of my favs too! Glad to see you two together! 🙂

  2. LOL I see it now! I am SO behind in my mail. I have over 600 emails to get through. I did email this to Sean Hannity and asked him to please check it out and if he finds that its legitimate, put it on the air! If its not, let me know so I can take it down off my blog. I hope that he does it! I’ll keep you posted, Serial Killer, the cat!

    • I’m glad you both found it. These are important statistics that the public needs to know. I hope Hanity will take a look at it and get back to you. That would be a good way to know that conservative Talk and News people are really trying to find out the real truth and let us know.

      • I will let you know if he responds and what he says! I am hoping that he picks it up! It is newsworthy and if anyone would bring it out, it’s Fox News.

    • I am an avid Fox News watcher too, but even they don’t tell us everything we need to know.

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