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America Is Approaching A Day Of Judgment: ‘Harbinger’ Author Says Loss Of ‘Tree of Hope’ A Warning

God has given us many warnings that we as a nation continue to ignore. How long will we continue to ignore God’s warnings? Will we fall because of our own rebellion against God? It sure looks like it.

These Christian Times

America is on a collision course with God. Our once great nation and its inhabitants continue to raise thier fist in defiance of God’s’ Laws. The 9/11 event was a warning to wake us up to turn our face to God. It has not happen and Jonathan Cahn has given us a warning that America may be on the  verge of a biblical Judgement by God. WND writes about Jonathan Cahn and his warning of The Tree of Hope withering away. This tree replaced a sycomore tree that was planted by the Twin Towers. WND writes:  His work examines the nine harbingers, or warnings, recorded in the Bible that were delivered to Israel before the nation disintegrated. He contends God is giving the same nine warnings now to America to urge the nation to repent. One of the harbingers was a sycamore tree at Ground Zero, which after the destruction…

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