Who are the Palestinians and do They Have a Legitimate Claim on Israeli Land?

The Palestinians claim that they have historical roots in the country of Israel and the surrounding area going back a thousand years and it is the Jews who are the interlopers. So what does history say about the Palestinians and where they came from? Where they descendants of the Philistines?

Modern, so called, history seems to purposely deceive us on the real origins of the, so called, Palestinian people. They were migratory Syrians or Egyptians for the most part and, yes, a long time ago the Philistines did occupy what is now Gaza, but they originally migrated for Greece. It was the British who coined the phrase “Palestinians”.

So, as far as I can see, modern day Palestinian people are used as a tool to fight against the Jews and Israel while claiming the theft of their land by the Jews, but the land was not stolen but bought by the Jewish people from the Arabs.

We are warned in the Bible by God himself not to divide the land he gave to the children of Israel. While failed negotiations continue, brokered by the US, it seems that the British and the French were the ones in modern history who did this in the first place.

So far this is all about the world wide political view of modern times, but it goes back much farther. Looking at the Bible as a historical book, we see that it was God who gave clear title to the land to the children of Isaac (the child of promice) not the children of Ishmael. In fact Israel should be much bigger than it is today. So it all boils down to “sibling rivalry” between the sons of Israel who were Isaac and Ishmael with Ishmael in effect saying “Daddy liked you best” and over the centuries trying to usurp what God has given to his favorite son.
“Jews are descendants of Abraham’s son Isaac. The Arabs are descendants of Abraham’s son Ishmael. With Ishmael being the son of a slave woman (Genesis 16:1-16) and Isaac being the promised son who would inherit the blessings of Abraham (Genesis 21:1-3), obviously there would be some animosity between the two sons. As a result of Ishmael’s mocking Isaac (Genesis 21:9), Sarah talked Abraham into sending Hagar and Ishmael away (Genesis 21:11-21). Likely, this caused even more contempt in Ishmael’s heart towards Isaac. An angel prophesied to Hagar that Ishmael would “live in hostility toward all his brothers” (Genesis 16:11-12).”

The lesson I have learned from this is: Don’t try to take God’s promises into your own hands like Israel did. It will cause a centuries long conflict.

Your friend, Harley                        looking at the present from the past


About Kathy

I am semi retired and had lots of free time on my hands. I still work part time as a bookkeeper at the little hardware store in our small town but I still had free time to fill so I became a blogger here at The Harley Factor. I also am a compulsive beader so I started a beading blog to show off my bead work call Compulsive Beading. As I have gotten older and mostly wiser I have become very opinionated on a lot of subjects and will share them with you from time to time when I can't keep my mouth shut. Kathy Sinclair

11 comments on “Who are the Palestinians and do They Have a Legitimate Claim on Israeli Land?

  1. rationalhumanist87
    May I add my 2 cents worth, if you don’t mind?

    Harley is correct in saying this is sibling rivalry as it is between the Jews and the Muslims (radical Jihadist Muslims).

    As for the dead in the Palestinian side from the Israeli bombings. This is because HAMAS hides behind the stroller where the rest of the world would hide the stroller behind them. HAMAS in another post stood for Hiding Amongst Mosques and Schools. This is because Hamas has put their rockets in the classrooms and the hospitals and the mosques and the WANT to show all the dead to make it look like Israel is evil. It is Hamas that is evil, they are the terrorists! If the Palestinians could oust the Hamas, which they cannot now, as they have basically sold their souls to them, they could live in peace next to Israel.

    Disarm Hamas, and all will be well, but Hamas is not to be trusted, They have violated every truce… for THE PALESTINIANS’ BENEFIT. But they continued to fire their rockets into Israel.

    They aren’t very good Muslims either as they continued even through Ramadan. They are bloodthirsty jihadists.

    And it began between Isaac and Ishmael when Ishmael and his mother were cast out. God promised to make a nation out of him. It is the nation of Islam.

    There is my 2 cents worth. I saw that you don’t take the Bible with any validity. That’s you prerogative. But this is where it began if you want to look at it from a historical perspective.

  2. Well said, Harley. Honestly, there was no Palestine and no Palestinians. Caanan was given to Abraham and it was his son Judah who the Jews are decedents from that have the portion of land and the other portion of land went to the other brother, name escapes me right now. They lived next to each other instead of together. Each one leading their own people. But both were grandsons of Father Abraham (not Ishmael as he was long gone by this point). It will drive me crazy all night now. I have memory problems. So the land that was given to Abraham, by God, was divided by the grandsons of Abraham to lead their own families as the brothers often didn’t get along. But there was no Gaza Strip, no Palestinians, no Palestine in Caanan. What God’s Word says, it is. Now, these people need Jesus just as much as the rest of us but that land belongs to the Jews… ALL of it! Even if its only the size of New Jersey. Isn’t it amazing that for 2000 years Arabs have been fighting for this little piece of land?

  3. […] We are warned in the Bible by God himself not to divide the land he gave to the children of Israel. While failed negotiations continue, brokered by the US, it seems that the British and the French were the ones in modern history who did this in the first place READ MORE:https://theharleyfactor.wordpress.com/2014/08/07/who-are-the-palestinians-and-do-they-have-a-legitima… […]

  4. This Was Awesome Harley Great job

  5. I too support Israel in their right to exist, and their right to defend themselves, I also struggle to reconcile with a jihadists terrorist government, yet, what Israel have been doing is killing more civilians than anything else this time around and they need to stop and think of another way. Nevertheless, that’s not what you’re arguing for here.

    I liked your analogy to ‘daddy likes us best’ as I think this is the entire problem. If we consider the situation, it is precisely the divisive influence of religion that is causing such a horrible state of affairs. You coming at this from a point of view of what god says in the bible is making this just as complex and your attitude is as least helpful as the jihadis and the zionists. (Not to suggest you are in any way extreme). I would also argue against your assessment that it is sibling rivalry. This is a lot more volatile than mere sibling rivalry. Forget about Ishmael and Isaac, this is about the god of Abraham and the god of Muhammad. This is about religious claim to the land and not about human beings coexisting. Having the view that either side is legitimately on the side of god is plundering any notion of resolving this with our fellow humans in mind. Religious madness doesn’t need more religion to solve it… In my humble opinion…

    • Thanks so much for your comment. I don’t feel that I am an extremist although in your eyes I probably am. You are right, this has escaleated far beyond just sibling rivalty that I do see as the root cause. If you take the bible literally, which I do, it’s not that Israel is on God’s side, it’s that God is on their side. You are also right that there will be no resolution because at the heart of it, it is a religious war and only God can settle it and He will in his own time.

      • Thanks for replying to me. I’m not to say you are extremist at all, but you do hold views that are in my opinion irrational and harmful. This god of yours is not very kind or compassionate at all. You say that god is on the side of the Israelis. What of his people who the israeli’s are fighting? Just because they don’t believe in him, which is not their fault, as they’ve been mislead by their holy books and what their families have taught them, it doesn’t mean they are no longer gods people. An example of this racism can be seen in the bible mentions gods destruction of the Amalekites. At the very heart of monotheism is the us and they divide which you highlight quite effectively. don’t you agree?

      • It comes down to God keeping his word. He promiced the land to the children of Israel thru Isaac centuries ago with no conditions attached. As far as the people that Israel is fighting, they are not his people and it is their fault. The truth of Gods word is out there for everyone to find and God is most kind and compassionate to make it available to anyone to become his son or daughter. They just have to believe and everything in the bible will become clear as they search it out. I hope you will do that as well.
        Thanks again for the comment.

      • I’m sorry but the days of me being a man of one book is of course over. Despite the bible being a primitive book of superstitious stories, you still take it literally – although I hope you exaggerated this part- I hope you don’t mutilate the genitals of little boys or treat homosexuals in a ‘Christian’ way of course. Like most, I assume you follow parts of the bible and not others – a la carte style.
        You flatly contradict yourself here, you say god is for everyone, yet you say that the poor Palestinians have done it to themselves and it is their fault. Is he not their people too? How is it their fault when they’ve been brought up in an environment where the Bible isn’t the recommended reading? Your god isn’t as compassionate as you’ve been lead to believe

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