Colion Noir “Chicago”

A lot of our nations problems, from gun control to immigration, are because the laws we already have are not being enforsed and our constitution is not being followed.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

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I am semi retired and had lots of free time on my hands. I still work part time as a bookkeeper at the little hardware store in our small town but I still had free time to fill so I became a blogger here at The Harley Factor. I also am a compulsive beader so I started a beading blog to show off my bead work call Compulsive Beading. As I have gotten older and mostly wiser I have become very opinionated on a lot of subjects and will share them with you from time to time when I can't keep my mouth shut. Kathy Sinclair

10 comments on “Colion Noir “Chicago”

  1. Well said! I have always heard that gun control is how well you hold your gun! When you take away the rights of the legally responsible citizens only the illegally use of guns prevail. And like he said, they know they won’t do any time. THAT is the biggest problem, they are back out on the street to do their ‘gang banging’ again the next night. Our judicial system is corrupt in many areas, especially in Chicago just as he said. And the Mayor is making the problem worse, and I believe, on purpose. POTUS left Chicago, sold his home there when he went to Washington DC so I just wonder where he will end up when his term is up… probably in a foreign country! THAT would be a smart move!

    Thanks for sharing, Harley! Will reblog if possible!

    • If the gun control advocates have their way, the whole country will end up like Chicago. I think we all know that the real agenda is to take guns away from law abiding people like us, just like all other countries that ended up a dictatorship. Gun control is how well you hold your gun and I hold mine very well.

      • Excellent that you believe that gun control is how well you hold your gun and you hold yours very well! I’m still in the process of raising the funds to get my weapon but when I do, I will hold it well and I won’t hesitate! Nice dog! Harley needs a doggie cookie!

      • My husband has a concealed weopons permit. I think I will probably get one too. The only reason I have put it off is because I don’t think a person should have to have one in the first place. It doesn’t say anything about that in the constitution, but I can kind of see the point in it from a law enforsment point of view. Harley says Woof and he has had his share of dog cookies today.

      • The point of CCL is so that you are able to protect yourself or others in the upcoming events that are seemingly inevitable. I can’t even afford to have one for my home. My husband is afraid I will use it on him when he comes home late at night after hockey. Really? He is being melodramatic. I am homebound and home along long periods of time. There were 8 homes on the opposite end of our county where they entered the homes between the hours of 2400-0400 while the family was asleep. My husband likes to think that they weren’t armed. I highly doubt it. Apparently, some or all of them have been arrested. Nevertheless, I don’t feel any safer. I want to exercise my 2 amendment right to keep and bear arms. And if I leave my home and try to get exercise I want to be licensed to carry concealed as being disabled people think you are an easy mark. Not if you pull your weapon out and the laser is pointed at their chest. They get what’s known in the EMS world as the ‘pucker factor.’ I want to be able to teach other people with disabilities. people that use walkers specifically, who are considered easy ‘marks’ and empower them.

        There was a story about a granny who had a rifle with a rack between her mattress so she could reach it if she needed it.

        One night, her home was invaded and they came into her bedroom. The officer that responded asked her why she fired 7 times and her response was “That was all the bullets I had!” She took care of business and stopped the breaking and entering and the trial. She has a right to protect herself and her home and belongings. Not every state has the castle law which is wrong…. every state should have it!

        At any rate, if you are able, get your conceal carry license and then become an instructor! I wish you were closer to me so that I could learn from you!

        I have very poor upper body strength but I do well sitting down and that’s where I’ll be if my home is invaded. Sitting in the back room, already having called for the Sheriff’s department with my lifeline button, and when they discover me, I will tell them to have a seat until the Sheriff’s department shows up. I do not want them to get away either. I’m sick and tired of the criminals getting away of it by absconding before the LEOs arrive. Well if I have a gun trained on them, it may make them think twice about leaving. And if they make the mistake of trying to disarm me, well, they will quickly be shot. I have no problem with using the weapon I have.

        But, alas, I will not have one as my husband is in control of the funds. I have only one way to get it and that’s if people want to put few dollars into my PayPal account radandt,ecommerce@wi.rr.com but so far no one has be so inclined and I understand.

        God bless you, Harley, and your sweet owner! You both are blessings to me!

      • I can understand how you feel Rhonda. I’m sure criminals would think disabled people would be an easy mark. Is your husband totaly against guns or just you having one? Would your children help in this? If in no other way than to help convince your husband to your way of thinking. You said you are alone a lot. So am I. My husband works out of town during the week. It’s a great comfort to me to have a dog with a really loud bark and a pistol beside my bed. Nothing has ever happened, but you never know.
        I wish you all the best and hope you can convince your husband that it is important that you arm yourself soon if for no other reason than to feel more secure when you are by yourself.

      • Harley,
        No, my children don’t want to get involved. My son will take me to the gun range to give me more experience, but he isn’t going to get involved on my behalf with his dad. My husband is concerned because he’s afraid I would do harm to myself (if that was truly an issue, I have enough medications that I could have done that already, so that argument it moot) and then he’s afraid that I might shoot him by accident as if I would just shoot willy nilly.

        Financially, we are living paycheck to paycheck since my paycheck isn’t coming in anymore to cover the credit card bills and now he has to stretch his 3 jobs to cover and he’s doing what he can to barely keep up afloat. He told me the other day that he took money from our savings account to help to pay for the bills. I feel horrible. He thinks that I could do more than I can so he is in complete denial even though he’s been to all the doctor’s appointments. He wants to blame my neurosurgeon for the back surgeries but my neurosurgeon has been a lifesaver alleviating thoracic pain that most people never have. I am in the 1% that have thoracic problems and I’ve had 3 thoracic back surgeries. I have degenerative disc disease. I have had my neck fused from C4-T1 and thank God he could reach all of them from the front because the worst one was C5 and it never showed up on any MRI! After the surgery I experienced C5 nerve palsy which is common when that nerve has been impinged for a long time and now its not and doesn’t know what to do (layman’s terms at best). I recovered from the whole thing without incident but then had my 3rd back surgery a few months later as I was having a lot of pain lower in the thoracic spine. Now in my sacrum, he cannot fix it, so we are working toward a pain pump. I am disabled and unable to work. I have other diagnoses that prevent me from driving and working and my husband struggles watching my slide downhill and he feels that I can just ‘stop it” yet the latest is I have stage 3 kidney disease which no one told me about but I read it on my after visit summary. Acute renal failure – primary, chronic kidney disease stage III (moderate), generalized edema, and now anemia. So that explains the sudden weakness. I printed off the iron test they did while I was in the hospital which was low (very low) and I asked WHY was I not treated for it while I was in the hospital? No good answers. So they repeated the tests, they are still low but nowhere near as low as when I was in the hospital but I am now going for iron infusions (2) and I hope that it helps with energy. You really have to be your own advocate when it comes to your medical care. My husband also says how dare I question the doctors that have gone to school for years… well, he said that years ago. Now he’s starting to see there is a need to be your own advocate. I hope that he prays that he is never on the receiving end!!!

        So, for financial reasons first and foremost, he will not buy me a weapon. Secondly, he says if I were to get one some other way, then he would feel unsafe and would have to leave. What kind of threat is that to me?

        So I guess no 2nd Amendment rights for me. To those of you who can are are responsible, law abiding citizens I implore you to use your 2nd Amendment rights while you still have them. The right to keep and bear arms it was put there for you to protect your family, your property, to feed your family, and if necessary to protect yourself even from your own government. With what is going on in this world today, you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

        Stay safe and may America bless God!

  2. Thanks Harley!!!

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