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UFO Aliens Seem to be Having Great Success with Genetic Modification

According to retired Prof. David M. Jacobs, the counter parts to our somewhat successful scientists (the UFO aliens) are having great success with human hybrids. Not crossing us with animal, but with inter-dimensional (some think intergalactic) Aliens who have been visiting us for quite some time. Prof. Jacobs is not just some UFO crack pot as a partial quote from an article I found on Raiders News will show.

“While most people might write off UFO believers as deluded, conspiracy-theorist kooks, Jacobs isn’t your typical believer.

He was a tenured professor at Temple University, where he taught American history for 36 years before retiring in 2011. He’s a married father of two who lives in a picturesque, 134-year-old Victorian just over the Philadelphia line, in Wyndmoor. He makes his case with well-reasoned, articulate explanations and applies a scholarly approach to his research, which he has shared in four books – printed by well-known and academic publishers.”

The whole article is available at: http://articles.philly.com/2014-07-16/entertainment/51549419_1_jacobs-aliens-abductees

Lets listen to some of what Prof. Jacobs has to say:

Prof. David Jacobs discusses Alien Hybrid Program. It makes you wonder if our scientists aren’t getting a tip or two from these Aliens.

Although Prof. Jacobs does not come from a biblical point of view, us Christians who are very interested in eschatology (study of end times) can clearly see the implications here. These hybrids could be very instrumental in getting people to “believe the lie” before the return of Christ.

Your friend, Harley                giving you something to think about


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