So What Role is Mexico Playing in This Wave of Illegal Immigration to US?

We hear about Mexico’s strict immigration laws. Case in point, the incarceration of a US Marine jailed for accidentally crossing into Mexico. He is still in jail while thousand of immigrants from central America cross into Mexico everyday. We haven’t heard about any of them being put in jail and they didn’t go into Mexico by accident. So what’s the deal?

This is the deal: “Mexico and Guatemala are working jointly to make Central American immigrants passage safer and easier to the U.S.!” 

So what is the purpose of this on going swarm of illegal aliens? Some say this is part of the Illuminati plan to help accomplish the unification of the combining of Mexico, the US, and Canada into the North American Union. We haven’t heard much about this in a while, but that doesn’t mean the plan is gone.

Meanwhile : “On his 101st day in captivity in Mexico, Andrew Tahmooressi arrived at a Tijuana courthouse, where his new lawyer vowed to get justice for the Marine held since March after mistakenly crossing into Mexico with guns.”

This whole issue brings to mind a lot of questions and speculations, but very few clear answers.

Your friend, Harley                             doing a little speculating



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6 comments on “So What Role is Mexico Playing in This Wave of Illegal Immigration to US?

  1. Mexico is 95% Catholic. Mexican people over in Mexico have been known to murder Protestants, because their priests tell them that Protestants indoctrinate the Catholic children, which (in turn) will cause their families to GO to HELL for eternity. OR — AT THE VERY LEAST, that it’s ok TO MURDER, because you can confess your sin to the priests and they will absolve/forgive you & tell you to say 5 “Hail Mary’s” etc; & that they (the priests) will NEVER tell the authorities (as if the authorities would even care). SO, what do you THINK will happen, now we got MILLIONS of them HERE in our beloved USA?
    (IF you want to know a little about what “HELL” is NOT, then go to the “comment” section ON “Deliverance from Demons” to the right of this BLOG, & read “my” comments on this).

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