There is Deliverance From Demons (and you don’t need a Catholic Priest)

As demonic activity increases, even to the point of being on the news, we have to remember that there is deliverance from demonic oppression or possession and you don’t even need a Catholic Priest. All you need is Jesus. He is the deliverer. There is no need for an exorcism. At the name of Jesus demons have to flee. Listen to the testimony of this woman and what happens when she speaks the name of Jesus while out ghost hunting.

Even if you have made a deal with the devil himself, Jesus is still the great deliverer and evil contract breaker. You don’t need any religious ritual to be free. You just need Jesus.

“Heavy metal rocker Kirk Martin made a pact with the devil. But then one day a mysterious stranger pinpointed Kirk’s deepest secret and Kirk began a journey to God. See how Jesus Christ changed his life.”

I have written before about drugs being a demonic gateway before.  https://theharleyfactor.wordpress.com/2014/01/23/drug-addiction-a-demonic-gateway/ The next story is a good example of this. I was privileged to hear David’s testimony in person as he spoke at a small missionary church on the Umatilla Indian Reservation a few years ago. It was very powerful.

“A meth addict for nearly 20 years, David Parnell tried to commit suicide twice. The second time, he blew off half his face with an assault rifle and believes he visited hell.”

The main reason for this article today is to let anyone out there who needs deliverance from demonic forces know that there is hope in Jesus. No matter what you may have done, no pit is too deep that Jesus can not reach down for you and give you a new life.

I could go on and on with deliverance testimonies. They are more abundant than you may think, but I will leave it this time with one last video of a deliverance testimony.

Your friend, Harley


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2 comments on “There is Deliverance From Demons (and you don’t need a Catholic Priest)

  1. In the End, God will simultaneously destroy the wicked and purify the Earth, by the cleansing action of liquid fire. It is a one-time event, after the 1,000 year Sabbatical, and the new Jerusalem comes to rest on the Mount of Olives (Revelation 20:1-8; 21:1-12; Zechariah 14:1-4).

    HELL, is not an on-going torture chamber that the devil has caused good Christians to believe in – it is just another of his lies he told Eve: “Thou shalt NOT surely die” (Gen.3) This one doctrine of “Hell” alone has turned many faithful believers into atheists. We were given incomplete definitions of biblical words, OR the out-right lie altogether!

    Do not go automatically to the dictionary for definitions of Bible words. Your first and final authority for definitions are found in the Bible itself. This technique can only be guaranteed, if the definitions are taken from The King James Version, only! (Strong’s Concordance is a good study tool as well). Some of the older versions may be acceptable to read, but most likely will not provide for their own definitions, adequately. Usually, the most recent translations cannot even be trusted to read.

  2. […] “Heavy metal rocker Kirk Martin made a pact with the devil. But then one day a mysterious stranger pinpointed Kirk’s deepest secret and Kirk began a journey to God. See how Jesus Christ changed his life READ MORE:https://theharleyfactor.wordpress.com/2014/07/17/there-is-deliverance-from-demons-and-you-dont-need-a… […]

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