Psalm 83 War and the Blood Moons

Are we seeing Bible prophecy fulfilled before our very eyes? As the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues with a battle many are calling the possible fulfillment of the Psalm 83 war, it appears that we are. Is it a coincidence that this battle is happening during the Blood Moon tetrads? I don’t think so. Now it is reported that ISIS has arrived in the Gaza Strip saying that Hamas is not being hard enough on Israel.


“The blood moon tetrad has begun. Just as expected, it is a sign of war. War between Israel and her blood-thirsty neighbors is taking shape to fulfill Bible Prophecy just prior to the return of the true Messiah to Earth.”

Will the presence of ISIS in Gaza further inflame the confrontation of what is being called the Psalm 83 war?

ISIS has vowed to extend its caliphate to the Mediterranean Sea which includes Israel. They are the most blood thirsty of terrorists. Even Hamas is nervous about the presence of ISIS in Gaza.

Israel is the center piece of God’s end time prophecies and is also His time clock and time is running out.

Your friend, Harley                                 watching end time events unfold


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  4. I’m glad you brought to our attention concerning Psalm 83. However, you will note that in verse 3, there are the “hidden ones” of Israel, besides the ones in Jerusalem. Where are they “hidden”? Verse 3 margin reference is Psalm 27:5. This reveals that God has a “secret…tabernacle” where He will “hide” His people. Already there is “a nation” who occupies this territory (as Ps.83:4 reads). They are Israelites, as well!

    It is these people, who our government, along with “Ishmaelites” (some of the Arabs) and “the children of Lot” (other Arabs & Muslims) and the Dukes of “Edom” (English lords), wish to destroy. But it’s smoke & mirrors. While we’re looking to the Israelites in the Middle East, the devil’s people are going after the very powerful Joseph Nation (the “separated” ones – Deut.33:16); in order to try and “cut them off from being a nation, that the name of Israel be no more” (Ps.83:4).

    They MUST cut these people off first, and then the vulnerable, and very visible Jewish people in Jerusalem, will be a “piece of cake” to destroy. Our government has done a great job of keeping these very powerful people “hidden” from our knowledge. That is another story altogether.

    I’ll try and work on giving you more info in my blog next week, for August 17th. I’ll have lots of texts to back up everything. One (1) Bible text, does NOT make a doctrine. We should always ask people for definitive proof from the Bible AND the Bible ONLY. sometimes I may post just one text, because it may be sufficient. Yet I always have in my notes a lot more for proof, if need be (in case someone is interested enough to ask for additional text). Hope to see you at my blog next week! God bless.

    PS – Thanks for your “like” on my post, “Pet of the Week.”

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    so true

  6. I just reblogged an article that says ISIS’ leader says before it confronts Israel it intends to weaken her strongest ally, America. Of course, they could be bluffing, but it would make sense they make sure America is in no position to come to Israel’s defense. Of course they aren’t considering that Israel does not need America, as Israel has the protective hand of the One True Almighty God.

    • You are absolutely right. God watches over Israel. As far as ISIS, my understanding is that they are in the back ground at present in the Gaza Strip, but because they are so violent that even Hamas is nervous to have them there. As far as I can see ISIS is the most agressive and blood thirsty terrorist group so far.

      • They are indeed. ISIS doesn’t need to worry about us. We are doing a good enough job destroying ourselves and I have a feeling BO won’t be in any rush to come to Israel’s aid anyway.

      • You are right about BO. He has been at odds with Israel from the beginning. BO is also doing his best to help us self destruct. If we survive our distructive path it will only be thru God’s grace, but I think everything that is coming about is in His plan.

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