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Dive 257: Nudis & Crazy Punk Decorator Crabs!

This is amazing and pretty darn cool.

Pink Tank Scuba

Dear Critters,

I kid you not – today’s cold wintery dive with my buddy LP was filled with nudis and punks!

By nudis, I’m referring to nudibranchs, those gorgeous decorative sea slugs that Blairgowrie Marina is famous for.

Beautiful Nudibranch

We spotted at least 4 different varieties of nudibranch, including a pair mating on a pylon.

To understand what I mean by punk, check out the video above of an amazing decorator crab (aka spider crab) that has covered its shell with bright sponges and small branches of bright blue bryozoan in order to camouflage itself into its environment. (Actually, I couldn’t quite figure out if this fashion was punk or high fashion, straight off the catwalks under the piers in Paris … 😛 )

Again, another fairly cold winter’s dive, but the sun was shining and the critters were out, including a lovely fiddler ray (also known as a banjo shark).

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