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Alien Implants: Are They Real and Why is it Happening?

I don’t believe UFO’s and Aliens in them are from some far off galaxy. I do believe they are interdimensional and demonic. Alien abductions have been reported for a long time and many of them are fake, but some of them, I believe, are real. Also, many of these abductees have been implanted with small devices which we don’t really know the purpose of.

A recent post from These Christian Times says this:

Has a race of Aliens traveled an ocean of stars to Planet Earth? Who are these Angelic beings behind the control of these vehicles? Is there a connection between the Nephilim and the Aliens who fly these UFO’s? What do these beings want from us? More evidence is accumulating that the Alien Phenomenon isn’t what it seems. Would you be ready for the deceptive lie that will ensnare the world and shatter the belief in God? Deception is the end game and the world is walking towards it with an uncomprehending mind!


That these “Aliens” come here for our good is the deception. Anything they would implant in us is not for our good. There has been physical evidence of implants and video’s of the removal of some of them.

Don’t be deceived. These are demonic forces that will, I believe, play a big part in the final days. For a longer and more indepth explination of this go to Chuck Missler’s “Return of the Nephillim” at:

Your friend, Harley


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