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Meriam Ibrahim’s Fight for Freedom is Not Over

We heard the news yesterday about Meriam’s release from prison. It was seemingly a joyous day however, there were threats against her life so she was sheltered in an undisclosed place for her safety until she and her family could return to the US. Today while at the airport preparing to board a plane that would truly take her to freedom she was taken into Sudanese custody once again.

Here is part of an article by Tony Perkins:

“Meriam on Standby

Just when it looked like Sudanese mother Meriam Ibrahim and her two children would finally be free from the grip of injustice, they were snatched back into the clutches of the Sudanese authorities, who detained them when they arrived at an airport to leave Sudan today. Sources close to the situation told me that Sudanese officials claimed they were trying to leave the country based upon incorrect documents.

The U.S. government had been slow to respond, however, only recently issuing statements bearing on the matter.”

The rest of the story:  http://www.frc.org/get.cfm?i=WU14F19&f=WU14F19

Yes, the US government has been very slow to respond on this life threatening issue. Obama hasn’t been commenting on much of anything lately that makes any sence. Seems that he is up to his eye brows in other issues, one of them being the mass illegal immigration from south of the border. After all, Meriam and her family are Christians, not Muslims or traitors. (a lot of sarcasm there) Remember, he (Obama) said this is no longer a Christian nation.  My disdain for this man grows daily.

All sarcasm aside concerning Obama, my hope and prayer is that she and her family will still make it to freedom.

Your friend, Harley                         remembering “Greater is He that is in you than he that’s in the world.”



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One comment on “Meriam Ibrahim’s Fight for Freedom is Not Over

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