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Justina: Home Again at Last

After nearly a year and a half the young teen Justina Pelletier, who was basically kidnapped from her parents by CPS (child protective services) in Boston, Massachusetts and confined in a mental ward instead of receiving the medical treatment she needed, is returned home to her family. It has been a long battle for all of them.

About a week before her release back to her family Justina was able to make a video of her own plea to be returned home. Her words break your heart. Thank God a judge did return her to her family.

Justina’s case is probably the most nationally publicized case, but it is not the only one by far. CPS and some doctors seem to have a diety complex and it’s really concerning. Parents should have the right to get second opinions in getting their child the care the parents believe is right. Here is another example:

“SACRAMENTO, CA – A Sacramento family was torn apart after a 5-month-old baby boy was taken from his parents following a visit to the doctor.
The young couple thought their problems were behind them after their son had a scare at the hospital, but once they got home their problems got even worse.
It all began nearly two weeks ago, when Anna Nikolayev and her husband Alex took their 5-month-old boy Sammy to Sutter Memorial Hospital to be treated for flu symptoms, but they didn’t like the care Sammy was getting.”

These two cases should never have happened. CPS has too much power over other people’s children and very little to no oversight. Another example of government gone wild.

Your friend, Harley



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