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EXCLUSIVE: Natural News Tests Flu Vaccine For Heavy Metals, Finds 25,000 Times Higher Mercury Level Than EPA Limit For Water

I love Natural News. He always has such important information to share.

These Christian Times

Mercury levels in Flu Vaccines were 25,000 Times higher than EPA limit for water. The debate that flu vaccines are safe has always been pushed by the main stream media and the pharmaceuticals. There is no doubt that the flu you shot you have been injecting yourself with is now poisonous. Do the research yourself oh this bombshell article.

I am not telling you to not take a flu shot. You are grown person and you have to make that decision on your own. What I am telling you to do is do a little research about the flu vaccines. Doctors usually do not give me as much information as you would like concerning the flu shot. They cover the simple basis on how safe it is. Do your research and if you feel that the vaccine is not for you than stop taking it. The only way you will…

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