Mustard Gas and Chemotherapy

You can imagine my shock and even horror that while investigating natural cures for many common diseases I discovered that Chemotherapy is a product derived from Mustard Gas. Why? Because it can be patented so the drug companies can make money on it. Natural cures cannot be patented so there is no profit to be made. I am no doctor, but finding this out would make me question them.

This is what Mustard Gas was originally used for before they (pharmaceutical companies) decided to patent it and to give it to cancer patients. Unfortunately, our cells don’t have gas masks.

Chemotherapy was discovered near the end of the last world war after a ship that was carrying a nerve gas, which was mustard gas was bombed and many of the sailors died from exposure to the gas. It was found when autopsies were preformed that the rapidly dividing cells of the sailors who died had been affected. The connection between the chemical and cancer was made knowing that most cancer cells are also rapidly dividing. In 1946 the first chemotherapy agent was introduced and it was called nitrogen mustard.

If this doesn’t make a person think twice before under going Chemotherapy I don’t know what would. Again, I am no doctor and am not trying to tell anyone what to do or not do. Just be knowledgable about any medication you are taking or being advised to take.

Your friend, Harley


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5 comments on “Mustard Gas and Chemotherapy

  1. Harley Im sure you mean well, but you are mistaken in your analysis and discussion of mustard gas and chemotherapy. Modern chemotherapy has nothing in common with mustard gas. Your comparisons is similar to saying that a surgeons scalpel was developed from a roman sword.

    Please read a wonderful book on the history of cancer and chemotherapy
    “the emperor of all maladies” to get the entire story

    Please take no offense. Correction not trolling


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