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Was Paul Bunyon a “Real Giant” Logger?

With all the interest (including my own) in North American giants, or Nephilim, I started wondering about the “Tall Tale” of Paul Bunyon. Is it just a legend created by loggers sitting around a camp fire in a logging camp deep in a forest that embodies their hard working and dangerous life, or is there some facts behind it? Was he a real giant or just a giant tale?

I remember watching the Disney cartoon stories of Paul Bunyon years ago before I knew anything about real giants of the long ago past, the Nephilim. Was Paul Bunyon one of those?

Try as I might, the cartoon was the most detail I could find out about Paul Bunyon except for an article from http://www.paulbunyanscenicbyway.org/The_True_Story_of_the_Paul_Bunyan_Legend

Here is a little from that article:

“The exact truth about the birth of the legendary logging tales of Paul Bunyan is clouded in the mist of history and may never be known. But it is Canada that may hold the key to the true birth of the Paul Bunyan Legends. The legend may have started in 1837 during Canada’s Papineau Rebellion. In the Two Mountain region in St. Eustache, Canada, the local French Canadians revolted against their new ruler, the Queen of England. Many local loggers joined the cause refusing to surrender to the English troops sent to squash the rebellion.

The loggers armed themselves with axes, mattocks and large wooden forks they had steam bent into hooks. Among the loggers was a bellicose, bearded, mountain of a man named Paul Bunyon. Bellowing like thunder, with a huge wooden fork in one hand and a mattock in the other, this giant bull of a logger raged wildly among the Queens Troops. Devastation and slaughter lay abundantly in his wake.”

My conclusion on this giant of a man is that it probably is just a “Tall Tale”.

Your friend, Harley


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