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Benghazi Vs. The VA

guest article by Glen

I’ve been thinking about this for quite awhile.  The terrible events that took place in Benghazi.  Our troops, SEALS, diplomats, staff, security, all having gone through what appears to be hell on earth.  Death, destruction, long term healing.  Four soles lost forever. WHY?  From what I can figure, the pheds (feds) (I will not call them by their names as I disrespect them), seem to have had a secret that they believed  was worth all of the pain, death and destruction.  If in fact that were true, it seems that simply flying some intimidating military aircraft over the area, that could have been there in minutes,  may have at least stopped fighting long enough to get people to safety. The actual result is that the pheds didn’t care and didn’t even lift a finger to help.

There is no way to express my sorrow and condolences to the survivors.  This is a terrible scar upon our nation. I should also point out the situation with the veterans administration.  I’m going to state the obvious…  There were more people killed by our government waiting in line in a non-combat zone to get care from the pheds, the VA,  than were killed in Benghazi.  Please take action.  Make your voice heard.  The government should not be in charge of whether you live or die.  If you’ve ever heard of DEMOCIDE, you probably know that governments have intentionally killed more people, outside of  war, than any other cause, including the plague.

Stay prepared…  Stay alert..  g..


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