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The War On Our Veterans: Gearing Up To Go Against Them And Killing Them In Hospitals.

This is a travesty against our veterans. It makes you wonder if the government cares so little about them how much do you think they care about the rest of us? The VA is crippled by beauracracy. No matter how much money they throw at it there will be no real change until the beauracracy is done away with. This is just a hint of what Obamacare will be like if it continues to be the “law of the land”.

These Christian Times

What a sick and disgusting attack on our veterans. The same veterans who sacrifice and gave their all for this country are now being killed or being labeled enemy of the state. It is because of them that we have freedom to do and say what we want. How ironic that the same men who died and went to war for this country are being cast aside as enemies. This is what this administration that disrespects our constitution and rights have reduced our soldiers too.  How far has this country fallen at the hands of evil and incompetent men, all the while the American people sit by and do nothing to uphold them for their violations of our laws? We live in a sad time indeed and the light of liberty will soon be snuffed out as everything we held dear will be taken from us. “America will never be…

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One comment on “The War On Our Veterans: Gearing Up To Go Against Them And Killing Them In Hospitals.

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