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The IRS Needs to Go. Now Might be the Time.

There are so many scandals to talk about. The IRS is just one of them, but I think it’s an important one with mid term elections coming up soon. What better time to see what candidates up for election or reelection feel about the IRS and our tax system in general and vote accordingly.

Yes, I still think my vote may actually make a difference in State elections. As a Christian conservative I feel a responsiblity to vote my conscience for the person who seems the closest to Christian values of life, traditional family, and, yes, taxes that God teaches us thru His word. I do believe we should all pay taxes just not as much and so many taxes and not in the way of our current corrupt system.

The IRS has proven to be a corrupt political tool to be used against people of faith and Patriots. Wouldn’t now be a good time to abolish the IRS and implement a different, simple, and more just tax system? Politicians have been talking about it for years. It’s time for them to quit talking and start acting. I would be in favor of a flat tax or even a federal sales (fair) tax in place of our current corrupt system. Don’t forget another reason to get rid of the IRS. They are in charge of collection of penalties for Obomacare.

Here is a summary of what the Flat Tax would be like. Although I don’t agree with a tax on income, I think this would be much more fair and simple.

Here is an explanation of the Fair (federal sales) tax.

I, personally would prefer the Fair tax because it is based on consumption rather than income. Either way these tax plans make more sence that the blood sucking IRS.

Your friend, Harley                             taxed enough already


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One comment on “The IRS Needs to Go. Now Might be the Time.

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