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The Judicial Elite Continue to Force States Against Their Will to Accept Same Sex Marriage

Arkansas and Idaho are just two of the States who’s voters overwhelmingly rejected same sex marriage and had it shoved down their throats anyway. What it seems to be boiling down to is it doesn’t matter if the states are against this or not. The powers that be (New World Order, Illuminati, Satan himself) are determined to have their way in the moral destruction of this country and it’s people.

Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins brings us up to date on the judicial elites bull dozing efforts to override the will of the people in this article:

Idaho Ruling Hardly Small Potatoes

“If anyone can handle a political hot potato, it’s Idaho. Still, that didn’t make Tuesday’s decision on marriage any easier for its deeply conservative voters, who unwillingly joined the parade of states overruled by the judicial elite. Reporters barely had time to exhale after Friday’s Arkansas decision, when U.S. District Magistrate Judge Candy Dale sent them packing for the northwest to write the same story in a different state.

For the 12th time since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled last summer, a local judge felt empowered to bull doze the will of an entire state, declaring a “fundamental right to marry” that even the justices didn’t acknowledge. In Boise, the ruling stings a bit more than others, since unlike the courts’ other victims, Idaho had overwhelmingly voted for an amendment that wouldn’t recognize any form of counterfeit marriage — including domestic partnerships and civil unions. Making matters worse, Dale inflicted this damage as a magistrate, well exceeding her authority and outraging 63% of voters who never believed it was her decision to begin with.”

Please read the whole article at: http://www.frc.org/get.cfm?i=WU14E11&f=WU14E11

The Family Research Council, who has been described as a “Hate Group” by some liberals, continues to fight for the real definition of marriage according to God. One man and One woman.

Your friend, Harley                  standing by God’s definition of marriage.

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One comment on “The Judicial Elite Continue to Force States Against Their Will to Accept Same Sex Marriage

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    The Judicial Elite Continue to Force States Against Their Will to Accept Same Sex Marriage

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