Get along little dogies

I don’t know how to say this…  My 2 legged friend and the mistress of Harley were heard talking about what they’d be singing around a camp fire when they’d be forced into a  FEMA Camp.

Apparently this was their sick humor coming out.!  Sick humor may not be too far from the real truth.  Those two are crazy.  This may be more truth than we’d like to admit.  Just substitute FEMA for Wyoming  .And dogies (cows) as the people forced into the FEMA camps!


5 comments on “Get along little dogies

  1. So… I’m a bit confused. Why are you talking about yourself in the “third person”? You were jumping around and driving yourself nuts?

  2. This is a song that the FEMA guards could sing. It goes to the tune of The Streets of Larado. Just substitute cowboy for FEMA guard.
    “I see by your outfit that you are a cowboy. You can see by my outfit that I’m a cowboy too. You can see by our outfits that we are both cowboys. Buy yourself an outfit and be a cowboy too.”

  3. Ha ha great song. I am sure Harley jumps around when the song comes on.

    • He was jumping around all morning and driving me nuts. Sometimes you have to have a sense of humor to provide a little relief from all that is going on. A good laugh is good medicine.

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