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Obama Takes the VA Scandal and a Lot of Other Scandals in His Government “Very Seriously” Yeah Right!

The problems with the VA hospital in Phenix is just one of the scandals he takes “very seriously” in “his” government. He has ordered an investigation just like he has on every other scandal in his administration. I wonder if this will get anymore results?

Remember the IRS scandal? In the next clip Obama seems to be taking this scandal “very seriously” as well. Again, another investigation. What has this accomplished so far? Nothing. Lois Lerner has still not testified or been punished for her role and got a paid leave of absence and Obama says “there isn’t a smidgen of misconduct in the IRS”.

Oh yes, and the Benghazi scandal. I know Obama took this scandal “very seriously”. It could have cost him the election if Al Qaeda was not on the run. There is an on going investigation into this as well. I hope it continues and Obama himself is held accountable and Hillary Clinton. Can you imagine her as the next president? Even more information as come out in recent days that substantiates the deception “his government” played in this horrible tragedy that cost 4 lives.

I could go on, but I am sick of looking at Obama videos. I think you all get the point anyway.

Your friend, Harley



About Kathy

I am semi retired and had lots of free time on my hands. I still work part time as a bookkeeper at the little hardware store in our small town but I still had free time to fill so I became a blogger here at The Harley Factor. I also am a compulsive beader so I started a beading blog to show off my bead work call Compulsive Beading. As I have gotten older and mostly wiser I have become very opinionated on a lot of subjects and will share them with you from time to time when I can't keep my mouth shut. Kathy Sinclair

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