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Justina Pelletier Still in State Custody

What an abuse of power! How can this still be happening? The implication here is that no child or family is safe from a corrupt, powerful, and abusive government agency such as Child Protective Services.

Does this young girl have to die before something is done about this? The FBI has been involved for over a year, agreeing that it is a kidnapping and have done nothing to free her. Don’t forget about this family. If it happened to them it could happen to your family too.

If this produces anger in you and then fear of a government agency that has too much power, then we all need to raise our voices about this. If Americans fear their government in any way then we are not really free and neither are our children.

Being from a western state on the out skirts of cowboy country, I can relate to Wild Bill.

Your friend, Harley


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One comment on “Justina Pelletier Still in State Custody

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