Rumor that Obama is getting arrested?

Is it possible that president Obama, also known as “Harrison J. Bounel“, also known as “Barry Soetoro” is being investigated for multiple charges of Treason?  I sure hope so!  If it were only true.  How many people do you know with multiple aliases that aren’t criminals??

Check out this article. Its probably not true, but read it and see if you can pick out issues that relate to information you are already aware of. Do your own research of the 25 listed treasonous acts that are alleged in the article.  Then you decide what should be done.

Hat tip to “Beforeitsnews.com



4 comments on “Rumor that Obama is getting arrested?

  1. Lots of info to digest in that article. I’m going to have to read it over a few times to see what all Obama has done to us. I would love to see him behind bars.

  2. As “Wayne” used to say on SNL, “It’s possible….monkeys MIGHT fly out of my…”

  3. I am also waiting to hear what Sheriff Joe has to say, with great anticipation.

  4. Great article.. I am waiting for Sheriff Joe to release hs information

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