Now That You’re a Senior Citizen You Have a Choice

If you are 50 or more you are probably getting flooded with mail from AARP. In years past it would have been a natural thing to probably join them for the discounts and all that. They profess to give a voice for the concerns and needs of senior citizens. It is my assumption that most seniors have gained some wisdom with their years and want a collective voice in policies and politics that affect them. I know that’s how my mistress feels (dogs can’t join these groups even if they are old dogs).

I am finding out that maybe AARP isn’t the way to go. They supported the Obamacare bill which is not good for senior citizens sence it strips funding from Medicare. There is a new organization now that I think better represents Christian conservative seniors. It’s called AMAC. Association of Mature American Citizens. This group opposed Obamacare for good reason.

The House Ways and Means Committee calls AARP to task after a year-long investigation concludes need for further examination. Why did the AARP spend millions supporting ObamaCare? Why, when most of their members were opposed? When, Medicare supplement sales would go through the roof? Why? It’s easy to see. Join Amac. There is a better way. Amac fought against ObamaCare. Amac sells insurance too. But they don’t sell out their members.

I guess this post has ended up being an advertisement for Amac, but if you didn’t know about it and are a conservative and/or Christian mature citizen I wanted to get the word out. You do have a choice. My mistress chose Amac.

Your friend, Harley              looking out for my poor old mistress


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3 comments on “Now That You’re a Senior Citizen You Have a Choice

  1. Yep.. I hear she’s getting pretty old.

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