Just as I thought. Bundy Ranch-Nevada Tortoise Issue is A False Flag!!

This is a Guest Article by my two legged friend, Glen

I watch.  I listen. I learn.  .
Now, what I’ve learned today is that the Tortoise Issue that the federal government is using to take over the Nevada Rancher’s grazing is B.S.  Keep in mind that the feds need to keep pushing at us until we stop pushing back.  They want to be supreme. They want full control.  I’ve been watching, listening and now I’ve learned that the fed’s were already closing down and are going to, or already have euthanized  hundreds of these so called endangered tortoises.  Their funding has dried up.  Don’t get me wrong, please protect all wildlife, but use reason and don’t put people’s livelihood at risk.


Be aware once the people stop pushing back, they will really come for our guns.   And, once they do get them, it’s all over.   It will be the same here as everywhere else.  Do you believe that humans everywhere are more civilized and compassionate now than the last few hundred years?  We are probably about the same as always.  Those of us who aren’t perfect, but do hold onto the humanity the God gave us, are the only guard against total control from the feds and total anarchy from the ones the feds can’t contain in a FEMA camp.

There has been over 200,000,000 ( two hundred million) people killed by “democide“.  Democide is extermination of the populous by the Government.  All democide I can find has always started by DISARMING the PEOPLE first.

From my perspective, anyone who does now or sometime in the future, advocates to push “Gun Control”  is no better than if we were invaded by a foreign force, these gun control pukes would turn us freedom loving people in to our enemies.


You’ve heard of “SHTF”, (no explanation necessary), WROL, (without rule of law. i.e anarchy), well there is also “EROL”.  This is excessive rule of law.  The complete over-reaching of the government.   That’s where we are headed.  With EROL, mark my words.. They will come for our guns.  What will happen next??  Who know’s, but it won’t be pretty.

Keep your eyes and ears open…  G

3 comments on “Just as I thought. Bundy Ranch-Nevada Tortoise Issue is A False Flag!!

  1. I am suspicious of most everything being a false flag these days. We keep hearing about how easy it would be for an “enemy” to take out our power grid. Is that next on the agenda of false flags?

  2. There was a time when I would not say anything bad about our federal government. Now, I really fear their over reach into our private lives. I wish we could go back to the days where it was illegal for our government to search into our private lives with out a search warrant.

  3. Should we be surprise by this. Bundys won and it has been a big victory for the little people. I didnt realize Harry Red had his grubby hands involved in this

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