The Lost Tribes are Right Here in America: Jesus Was a Tribal Member of the Tribe of Judah

The Native American tribes of this country have been evangelized for nearly 400 years and what is the harvest from this centuries old endeavor? Today only about 3% of them are Christians. That is a dismal harvest. Why is that the case? Could it be the way they were evangelized? In the beginning they were evangelized mostly by Catholics and it is still a predominant religion on a lot of Reservations, but being forced to become Catholics thru government enforced boarding schools years ago did not make them followers of Christ, in fact it made them bitter and angry toward the white man and his God. Our Native American people have been almost forgotten today by most people, but God has not forgotten them and continues to send his Holy Spirit to call them to Himself.

Below is an interview of a survivor of one of these Catholic Indian boarding schools.

One more interview with a so called “Christian” boarding school survivor. If this is what these schools were all about it’s no wonder so many Native Americans don’t want anything to do with Christianity.

As I said, God has not forgotten these people and has raised up strong believers in Christ from among them to tell of the love of Christ for them. This man went from an Indian Activist to a preacher of the Gospel.

Some insight into the difference in thinking between our Native Americans and the everyday none tribal American can be very different from each other. The next video goes into that.

Dr. Richard Leo Twiss joined Gordon for Beyond Colorblind Week ’13 to share with us his culture and faith. Sadly, two weeks after leaving Gordon Dr. Twiss suffered a massive heart attack and passed away. Before leaving Gordon, we had the distinct pleasure of recording him sharing his views on leadership. This video was used by Val Buchanan (Office of Community Engagement) and Jorge Juan Rodriguez V ’14 in a workshop at Gordon’s annual Lead Conference titled “Three Past and Three Future: Learning from the late Richard Twiss.”

May this reflection serve as a continual reminder of the Twiss Legacy and the blessings he was to the Gordon community.

In loving memory of Taoyate Obnajin (“He Stands with His People”).”

I have my own Native Christian hero that God raised up to share His word. Her name was Grandma Marie Alman and was Nez Perce. She was old and short in stature, but young and tall in the spirit of God. She spoke boldly of God’s love to her own people and anyone else who would listen. She had a bold spirit for the Lord and I admired her greatly. She passed away a few years ago and I know she is with the Lord in heaven now. I dedicate this post to her in fond memory.

Please remember these people in your prayers for salvation and the knowledge of the truth of the Gospel.

Your friend, Harley


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