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Some Understanding on the Shemitah and Why it’s Important Today

For all of you who have been paying attention to the coming Blood Moons and listened to the commentaries on it have heard the word “Shemitah” especially if you have listen to Jonathan Cahn who is also the author of The Harbenger. Being the curious type I wanted to know more about this “Shemitah” and what it was really all about and why it should be important to me and all believers.

In a nut shell it refers to the Sabbath rest of the land which was given to Israel by God. Every 7th year the people were to let the land rest for a complete year, just as the children of Israel were to rest the 7th day of every week. On top of that, every Shemitah year all debt of the nation and individuals were wiped out. Wouldn’t it be great to have a Shemitah system today? All the trouble started when the children of Israel, thru their greed, began to ignore those Shemitah years. What was meant for a blessing turned into a curse.

We have also been hearing about the soon coming financial collapse. Would it surprise you to know that the last stock market collapse had to do with the “Shemitah”? If you can see how it does you will also see when the next stock market collapse could happen. You may want to pay attention to the time surrounding the solar eclipse in the middle of the four Blood Moons.

“The three thousand year old mystery, going back to the sands of Sinai, which ordained, spelled out, and determined the collapse of the American and global economy and the Great Recession – Even the exact timing, down to the exact day – The ancient biblical mystery behind the two greatest stock market crashes in Wall Street history – And what the Shemitah has to do with the end of the America age.”

All of this again proves that God means what He says and says what He means.

One last possibley prophetic video. Pay attention to Elul 29th,2015 (Sept.13th,2015) Another “Shemitah” year.

Your friend, Harley





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