CO2 is Going to Kill Us All!! Really??

It was “Global Warming” now it’s “Climate Change” (as if our climate has never changed before). These catch phrases and the faulty science behind them are supposed to make us all afraid that we are destroying the earth and it’s inhabitants by excess CO2 emissions. What you never hear from these globalist scientists is we need CO2. What do they think plants need to grow and make oxygen? In fact (in my opinion) we need more CO2 to really green up the planet. A clip from a recent article on Natural News will explain why I say that.

         “When carbon dioxide levels rise in the atmosphere, plant life explodes to tap into that CO2 and convert it into  oxygen and  other byproducts of plant metabolism. This is why higher CO2 levels will result in massive global reforestation of former deserts and arid areas. There will be a global explosion of crop yields and an abundance of food for everyone.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/044525_IPCC_report_global_warming_apocalypse.html#ixzz2xeRWjQ00

It’s the lack of CO2 that could kill us all!! That’s what we need to be worried about. If the UN and the IPCC get their way, that’s exactly what we will get and we will have to pay a tax for it besides. I used to just laugh at these Global Warmist for their ridiculous ideas, but now I do take the concept seriously. Not because it’s true, but because the Globalist are determined to have their way and it will affect us all in our ability to live the life we have now. More from the article on Natural News:

          “With each passing day, the whole global warming scheme feels more and more like a “shove it down your throat” mandate, much like Obamacare which tried to shove high-priced health insurance down all our throats. If you thought Obamacare was bad, just wait until the UN rolls out “Climate Care” and forces you to pay a monthly fee for breathing, farting and driving, all of which release greenhouse gases. Do them all at the same time — if you are so coordinated — and you get triple-taxed!”

          “The goal of the global warming alarmist is not to save humanity but to enslave it. And accomplishing this task requires some truly mind-bending warped science interwoven with social engineering fear tactics. In effect, the IPCC function a lot like a terrorist organization because it spreads fear and terror in order to achieve its political goals. (Look it up, that’s the definition of a terrorist.)”

As this agenda and others from the globalists continues to be pushed forward around the world we are becoming endangered. In my opinion “they” are more interested in population control that climate control.

Your friend, Harley



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3 comments on “CO2 is Going to Kill Us All!! Really??

  1. That’s what I’m talking about. I’m all for CO2! If we didn’t have global warming, we’d still be in the ice age.

  2. There has been a lot of profiteering made form green issues by the slick guys. They will jump on any bandwagon to line their pockets. Their thinking is: let the world go to pot as long as I’m getting a big share. We all have a little of the don’t care attitude in us we need it to survive. Even a climatologist has to eat and more if he has his way. Politicians have to run their cars and have their second houses near the great parliamentary centre. Journalists have to keep the multitude fed and make some on the side like us all. And so the world ticks on as we struggle for what we can get. The truth is in the small print on the back of the policy the bit that no one ever reads.

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