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Is God Acting Measure for Measure as US Continues to Pressure Israel to Give Up Their Land?

Is there a correlation between the natural and financial disasters happening in this country and the pressure on Israel to give up part of their land to a Palestinian state? As described in the video below by Rabbi Moshe Parry, there very well may be.

Natural disasters corresponding with so called Peace Talks with the interference of the US have been taking place since back in the first Bush presidency days. Is it a coincidence that there were so many severe winter storms in this country this last winter while John Kerry was trying to pressure Israel to again divide their land?

More compelling evidence to consider. Is God giving out measure for measure to those who would divide His land and His city?

If this has peaked your interest please check out an article on These Christian Times for more compelling information.


Your friend, Harley                     pointing out some probabilities


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One comment on “Is God Acting Measure for Measure as US Continues to Pressure Israel to Give Up Their Land?

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    Is God Acting Measure for Measure as US Continues to Pressure Israel to Give Up Their Land? You decide and see if there is a connection when America inserts itself in dividing Israel’s Land

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