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What’s Happening to Justina? A Parents Nightmare

Imagine that you have a child with a debilitating disease. You are doing everything that you can to help your child. The treatment her doctors have prescribed is working to ease the pain your child is in. Then the “State” steps in and takes your child away from you. You have done nothing wrong, but yet the “State” takes away your rights as a parent because of a dispute between doctors and their diagnosis. In the mean time your child is basically imprisoned by the “State” and taken off medications that were working for her and is getting physically worse. Then imagine that you are ordered by the court not to say anything about what is happening to your family and you are only allowed 1 brief supervised visit and 1 brief phone call per week. That would be a parents worse nightmare. That is what’s happening to Justina Pelletier and her family.

Justina’s father tells their story to Glenn Beck


The latest news for Justina and her family gets even worse. After going to court again custody is still deneighed to her parents and she remains in “State” custody as Justina’s health continues to fail.


This isn’t the only time Boston Childrens hospital has done this. Why are they doing this and what’s going on here would be the question? It seems to me that some of these doctors and DCF workers have a mental disorder of their own. It’s called a dietey complex.

The Pelletier family has not given up and will continue to fight to get their daughter back. Please continue to pray for their success. You can find out more at http://www.freejustina.com

Your friend, Harley


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One comment on “What’s Happening to Justina? A Parents Nightmare

  1. I am going to Reblog this before I go to work. Great Job harley

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