Wake Up Sheeple

Watch your government at all times.  My two-legged friend, we’ll call him “Glen” has expressed to many too never give up watching what your government is up to.  Well,  they’re up to it again.  Read on… Be prepared!!  (is there too many to‘s?)



2 comments on “Wake Up Sheeple

  1. You know Harley. I wake up everyday hoping to hear some type of Good news and my hope gets dash when I read articles like this. We are in so much trouble and this nation has truly hit an iceberg.I hope someone rises to the occasion to lead this nation backs to its roots and principles

    • I know what you mean Joe. It gets more oppressive everyday. I’m glad Serial Killer (we’ll call her my brother Glen’s cat) put this article up just to keep us focused on what this government is up to. Unfortunately, I’m afraid FEMA camps will one of these days be put into operation. We must keep praying and watching.

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