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Russia Threatens To Turn USA Into Radioactive Ash, Retired US Navy Intel Officer Drops Bombshell on Ukraine (Video), And Thermonuclear Russian Roulette (Video)

Alex Jones has a couple of very good points in these videos. Which is worse? Russia or the Globalists?
The electricity went off this morning at my house. The first thing I thought of was “did Russia or maybe Iran launch a weapon that took out our power grid?” I would have never thought about that a year or two ago. Thank God that was not the case this time, but it could be in the near future. I don’t believe Putin will back down. Why should he?

These Christian Times

SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEOS: A scary scenario is beginning to reveal itself in the Ukraine crisis as Russia threatens to turn the US into radioactive ash. This could just be rhetoric as a tactic to sway the thinking of the American public. It could truly be a warning to the American government to stay out of the Ukraine. I believe there could be a bigger Conspiracy afoot as some may not understand  the situation that could be spiraling out of control. A retired Navy intel officer just dropped a Nuclear Bombshell on the Alex Jones show, as he believes that we are danger of  nuclear destruction. We are truly at a precept of a global changing event. The world turns as Globalists seek to turn the planet on fire and rebuild it in their own image.


YAHOO NEWS: A leading anchor on Russian state television on…

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