The Rapture – False Flag?

I’m going to try to tell this story as best I can.  Something very strange happened a few days ago.

Remember, I’m a cat.  Cats are superior to all mortal things walking on two or four legs.  However, I don’t get much computer time.  I’ll try to set the stage.  Its the middle of winter. It’s cold.  We’re having one of the worst snow storms in a decade.  I’m thinking to my self that “Murphy’s Law” is about to set in.  ( Murphy’s Law = If anything can go wrong it will)

I noticed that the two legged guy I live with ( we’ll call him Glen) , at first, seemed to be a bit concerned about the weather.  The snow was terrible.  I overheard that the dept of the snow, at least where we are, was about 2 feet deep.   Now, I don’t say much, but I do listen.

I saw that Glen went out to the car.  I saw him start it up and heard the engine start.  He then turned on the radio.  That’s when things started to happen.  Nothing but static was on his favorite station.  He tried another…. Nothing but static!  Another!!  Again, nothing but static!  Every channel the same.

I then heard WTF! ( code for what he really said) .  Then Glen looked at the main highway.  There is a great view from where we  live…  Not a car..  Nothing is moving for quite sometime.  This is a major route.  Something has to be moving.  I heard him say’ “This can’t be an EMP… Otherwise the car probably wouldn’t run.. And the stations wouldn’t even be sending out static!  OMG!!  It must be the Rapture!!  Then I heard him say “SCORE!”.  Apparently not because of the actual Rapture, but because his sister had promised him if the Rapture came,  and if she was taken up (there’s no chance that she would not) AND Glen didn’t  ( which there may be some debate on this issue) ….  He could have their camper!!  I saw nothing but a big grin on his face.  He was so happy that he could now have the camper!  How pathetic!

Glen got out of the car, went walking about for a bit, and then went back to the car.  That’s when things changed.  Then I heard him say” Ahhh crap”.  Apparently, the cold weather affected the electrical system in the car and all he had to do to re-join society was to re-set the stations on his car radio.  He realized that he was not alone, being left behind during the Rapture..  He didn’t get the camper after all!

So I ask you the readers.  Was this a deliberate Rapture – False Flag event sent to Glen, to warn him of the Coming of the Lord to take us up, so he could make sure that he was ready too... Or simply another complete pathetic event in the life of my two legged friend.   You decide.


6 comments on “The Rapture – False Flag?

  1. I’m guessing this is the first post about a “Rapture, False Flag” event ever posted anywhere.

  2. What kind of a crazy guy do you live with anyway, Serial Killer. I think I better remind my mistress (we’ll call her Kathy) about that study bible she was going to send to him, also she didn’t buy the camper so he (Glen) would have been out of luck either way. We will keep hoping for the Right results when the Rapture really does happen. I feel for you Serial Killer.

  3. Well time will tell but sounds like Glen was looking forward to this camper wasnt he??? I look forward to the event when doubter will be put to shame of the pre trib rapture

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