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Russian Spy Ship Docks In Havana, Moscows Military Moves In Ukraine, And Kerry Warns Russia. The Chief Prince Gog Begins To Flex Magogs Muscles.

We are truely living in exciting times. Bible prophey is truely taking place before our very eyes. How exciting to see that words spoken by prophets centuries ago are relevent for the time we are living in today. God’s word never comes back void. He says what He means and means what He says, yesterday today and forever. Although these can be frightening times they are exciting times as well. It all means that Jesus is coming back very soon and all the corruption of this world will be gone.

These Christian Times

SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO AND NEWS LINKS: Vladmir Putin has ordered over 150000 soldiers for war drills over the Ukraine crisis. John Kerry demand’s that Russia respect the sovereignty of the Ukraine after Pro Western riots succeeded in ousting President Viktor Yanukovych. I feel the recent docking of the Spy ship in Havana is a message to Washington. Why John Kerry is making  threats to Russia for. We all know what happened in Syria. We blinked first in a staring contest with Russia. Someday though, our great nation will be hopeless to stop an Invasion on Israel by a Country called Magog. This Country (Russia) will come onto Israel to take spoil. This will be a day when the world will witness the sovereign hand of God. Russia is beginning to March towards her prophetic destiny. She will usher in the 7 years Tribulation and the rise of the Antichrist. …

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I am semi retired and had lots of free time on my hands. I still work part time as a bookkeeper at the little hardware store in our small town but I still had free time to fill so I became a blogger here at The Harley Factor. I also am a compulsive beader so I started a beading blog to show off my bead work call Compulsive Beading. As I have gotten older and mostly wiser I have become very opinionated on a lot of subjects and will share them with you from time to time when I can't keep my mouth shut. Kathy Sinclair

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