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Who are the Illuminati Part 3

It is true. “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil” Hense, the Federal Reserve. The monetary control strong arm of the Illuminati in this country. Woodrow Wilson helped usher in this system and in the end decided he had helped destroy the country he loved. We are still living with the devastating effects of the fiat money system today.

Fritz indicates in this video that even the Muslims are part of this manipulation of the Illuminati. Although they didn’t play as big a part in the news of the 1990’s, they sure do today.

This video points out the infiltration of the Illuminati into our educational system. No wonder Obama wants more and younger pre school availability.


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One comment on “Who are the Illuminati Part 3

  1. Finally got all three video done. Took me awhile to get them going

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