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Are Schools Even Teaching History? These People Could Be Voters. Scarry!!

Why has America gotten to the place it is today? I’m sure there is more than one reason, but if these videos are any indication of the state of ignorance in our country, this could be one of the major reasons. I’m sure this isn’t true for all Americans. A lot of us do remember what the 4th of July is really celebrated for. The fight for our independence from England and the creation of a new and free country. A government of the people, by the people, and for the people, but this video shows that many Americans, young and old, have no idea. It almost makes you wish there were voter competency tests.

We throw probably Billions of dollars into our school systems and this is the results? College students incur thousands of dollars in debt for an education and many have no clue of the founding principles of this country and no awareness that those principles of slowly being taken away. These young people are the future of our country and to me the future looks pretty bleak if this is a true depiction.

No wonder there isn’t a bigger out cry from the people if the video below is any indication of what most people know about the Bill of Rights. No wonder there is very little demand of any consequence that Obama stop his lawless executive orders. No wonder a lot of people don’t really care if the government monitors every phone call or email.

Your friend, Harley              feeling depressed about the future


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One comment on “Are Schools Even Teaching History? These People Could Be Voters. Scarry!!

  1. This is a sad state our country lives in. I dont know what kind of history they are teaching, but it must not be much. I read somewhere that some students dont even know the bill of rights

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