Just the other day, I heard my 2 legged friend read something.   He read it out loud as though it really meant something.  I’m going to repeat it here.  At least what I remember.  Maybe you can tell me what this really means.

“When the people fear the government, that’s tyranny. But when the government fears the people… that’s liberty. Keep your guns. Keep your guns and buy more guns!

5 comments on “Guns?

  1. Hey Harley, Well before I go on the article you put up about the oil. I had someone from the Ohio National Guard actually post a comment on my blog about those symbols. Now it could have been a guy with the NAtional Guard but when I clicked on its link it actually sent me to the Ohio national Guards. Needless to say I was shocked but pretty happy that they actually replied to clear some issues on their symbols.Now the second issue I did notice something that stuck out even more about the oil thing. Have you notice that most of those demonic possession story always deal with a Catholic priest. There has to be some correlations to it.

    • That was pretty cool that the national guard got back to you. I wouldn’t have expected it. I would agree with you on the catholic priest observation. I would wonder if they add to the problem. Most Christians don’t realize that they can cast out demons themselves when needed. You don’t need a priest of officiate, but that has been the “tradition”.

  2. Right now I think we might be getting closer and closer to the tyrany part, but I heard my mistress say she is getting a new gun pretty soon.

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